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It is said that each individual has something that they can do better then anyone  else. What`s your secret talent?

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8 Answers

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LOL! My secret talent is that I can ride a unicycle. I never mention it, but I have friends that will for me. I learned to ride with my best friend when I was a child, 11 years old. We both had unicycles  and would practice for hours daily until we got it. Both of us to this day are very determined people. My first job at 16, I landed a job as a clown at a amusement park. I got the job because I could ride a unicycle. I would sell balloons and other novelties while riding around the park on the unicycle. I dressed like a clown and even wore clown shoes. My face too was painted like a clown. I used wash out multi party color hair dye for my hair. I played the part quite well because I can be quite silly. Only those who are close to me know this. I'm not the bragging type. Even after all these many years I still don't state this talent unless someone  else brings  it up. I must say though that was a wonderful time time in my life. I made a lot of children smile, and laugh, many adults too. I have other talents, as well, but this by far is my favorite secret (fun) talent, lol! : )

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You never cease to amaze me SandyGirl ! lol




I can juggle three balls, the proper way. People need to have more fun.


I can juggle too, the correct way. Part of my clown talent. I started out using small oranges. I can't juggle bowling balls or bottles...yet, lol! 

+4 votes

My strengths are in problem solving.

by (4,027,071 points)
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I can take things appart.  Disassemble them.  Almost everything that I have seen, I can figure out the key to unlocking them.

Reassembly, not so much.

by (1,536,350 points)
+2 votes

Its a secret I can't tell you. 

by (3,024,540 points)
+1 vote

I'm either a great Chef or.....

Let us focus on the positive, I can create a 3 to 5 5 course meal from almost nothing, including MRE's or similar.  No brag, have done

Negative, if you were or are an enemy, your days or hours would be severely limited.  Literally or figuratively is the only question.  I have dealt with and eliminated both

Now am I superior?  Who knows however I am still alive and coooking

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I have no hidden talents or secrets, but I can tell you that I like helping kids read, especially those with dyslexia . I used a special method that I was trained in, and it was the most rewarding experience I had while I was teaching. 
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I always win when playing cards, any card game. 

by (22,760 points)

Who`s that tall dark stranger there? JSC`s the name

Wild as a wind in Oregon . blowing up a canyon easier to tame

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'Influencing' people, without anyone having a clue I did it (sometimes 'on purpose') ...  

(Long answer I know but...)

For example;  years ago, I routinely would go to a lecture, sit down next to people I didn't know, with intention I would routinely do a few little 'experiments'; I'd subtly copy someone's  (near/next-to me) body positioning for awhile (it develops an unconscious 'rapport') then I'd purposely stop copying them and without fail, they'd (unconsciously) then start copying me ...

The funniest thing was one time when the girl I had done this to for nearly an hour, realized she was/had-been copying me !  I had purposely positioned myself in a posture that she hadn't (yet) assumed, and was subtly 'out-of-the-ordinary', she looks over at me, notices my slightly odd positioning, then looks at her own position, realizes it was identical and with an embarrassed ("oh crap!") look on her face she quickly changed her position!

Then recently (not so much the body-language influence this time, but); I took a course (dozen people, around same conference table).  Last day of class, like others, I did a final little 'speech' but unlike the others, everyone stood and clapped for me/my speech.  

Near the end of last class, as we were all getting up to leave the Instructor asked me to stay behind, so ... she asks me "did you notice ?  how everyone was following you, your every word ?"   I answered "yeah sorta"  Then she says, "I don't know how you do it, but in all my years of teaching courses like this , I've only seen that talent in maybe a couple of others and they went on to accomplish a bunch of influential things, so Please whatever you do, don't let such a special gift go to waste !"

Sad part is though, it is a "secret talent" as most people, especially those the nearest to me (close friends, family etc.) just know it all as 'me being me'.  And sometimes even worse, are the few that recognize it and start undermining me for it.  A 'friend' of mine said it one time like this (when I asked him why he didn't introduce me  to a group of people that he knew but I didn't) "ohh I've seen how you are with people, you don't need any help!"

by (11,490 points)

Well, I call that Manipulation! Unless, they are empathically attuned with me, then it's quite flattering, lol.

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