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I will use my money to adopt a pupper.

My other pup past last year and I miss him a lot and also miss being able to love something furry. 

My mom I can tell doesn't want a dog because she's been lying by saying our landlord won't allow it.

Our landlord doesn't even know our dog died and probably wouldn't notice

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5 Answers

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Tell them criminals will move onto another property that doesn't have a dog. Same principle of having an alarm on your car.

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Are you old enough and financially stable enough to take complete responsibility for a pet? If so, tell your mom she won’t have to do anything for the dog- you’ll do it all and pay for it all. If you’re not in a position to take full responsibility for the animal, then respect your mom’s wishes. It’s not fair to expect her or other family members to take care of a dog they don’t want. And it’s not fair to a dog to bring it into a situation where its care and needs may not be met gracefully. 
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Simple:  Ask your landlord, then depending on their answer move to the next step

Is a dog appropriate now

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Sorry to hear about you pup fur baby. :( My puppydog is in pet heaven too, I miss her every day and I think of her every day.

If you mum won't let you get a new puppydog, you could volunteer at at a pet shelter on weekends or something, that way you can still cuddle and help other animals who need love and help.

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There are many reasons to not want to get a dog.

1. They are expensive food, grooming, vet bills can be things to consider other than just the initial cost.

2. Barking, chewing, and other destructive behavior if a dog is purchased without regard to their breed. Example: herding,working,etc.

3. Training if getting a puppy. Will the dog be crate trained?

4. Exercise all dogs need exercise to be content. Who will extensively walk the dog, take to the dog park etc.

5. Poop... yep. Who is going to pick up all the stuff in your yard unless of course you have a tiny toy poodle.

6. Some dogs do not do well be left alone for prolonged hours while family are away at school/ work. It’s called separation anxiety.

Study the breed you want before you get one.

It’s hardly fair to expect everyone to be thrilled about getting a new pet.

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