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I was recently in the hospital for suicidal ideation

I met a really nice woman around my age 

I feel like we may have a lot in common. I do not have friends 

Maybe 2 people I text from high school but thats it

I traded numbers with a woman and I hope we can become good friends but I feel like my mom and sister will reject it.

Shes a very nice woman though

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5 Answers

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Totally depends on the individual. I have made friends at hospitals, day centres and support groups. But be aware some may be challenging. I was attending a support centre recently. Problem is it was full of control freaks and the staff were even worse.

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I think it's completely acceptable if you guys are able to relate with and support each other. 

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Two things:  Don't worry about your Mom and sister rejecting the idea-of you being friends with this person---and here is why. You are not independen and won't be respected unless you make your own decisions and not allow others to make them for you.

 On the other hand, see what this person is really like. If she is able to talk to you and relate to you as a person that you may get along with, then that's fine. Some people are naturally easy to  "read".  Others don't project themselves out to be as they really are inside, and you may be surprised to find out what they're really like. Then again it's like saying, you don't really know a person unless you go through life with them. I say you'll never know until you give it a chance.  You might just become the best of friends. 

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It's YOUR friendship, and I would hope there are not people who tell you with whom you can be friends.

However... understand that you both have baggage, and you should only have to carry your own.  If you realize that she's using you, even unintentionally, for help in carrying her baggage, then you should drift away.  You are not a trained counselor; let her deal with a trained counselor instead of making you feel responsible for helping her.

That being said, if you enjoy the same activities, love taking walks in the park, etc., then enjoy!  Just keep it "non-hospital content related," and you'll be fine.  :-)

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Your the best person that can answer that. Most times we meet people in similar situations and bond from there, if circumstances allow it 

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