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Its so annoying for me.  A senior moment! I am watching a movie and notice an actor playing in it that I know--and I can't remember the name. It's on the tip of your tongue and you can't seem to remember. It happens with other things as well, not only people. But watching this movie, I had to stop and search for movies he has been in and I found it--Jude Law. He's in a Prime Video movie called A Rainy Day in NY--so far its very good.  It also makes me see how much I miss NY.  

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Yes it has happened to me, I've frequently saw an actor and thought where have I saw them before.

I Google the character name to find out the real name then search that for further info.

It's hard work, but much better than  before the Internet when you would wake up during the night with total recall and never get back to sleep 

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Geez, if I had a quarter for every time I've done that...   I'd have a continuing nest egg during my retirement...

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You're not alone Amy. At first when I started to forget names it was only once in awhile, now it's continuous. Thankfully, the Internet gives me close to instant gratification. Before Internet I used go through the Alphabet, usually when I hit the right letter the name would then click. I still do that sometimes just to exercise my brain.

Ahhh NY. I was born and raised in NY. My wife too. I've lived in many other states and 2 different countries during my life due to job transfers. When my wife and I retired, we both decided we wanted to go back home. No matter where we lived previously New York was always home. It's great to be back home. I love NY. 

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You’re lucky to live there! I realized how much I missed it watching that movie. Was born and raised there myself. Some folks here (Ohio) say I have an accent, haha. BTW I’m from the lower east side, and born in Brooklyn, you? 


Born and raised in Bellerose, Queens (Nassau County). We travel into Manhattan and Brooklyn very often.  We are currently in the WNY area visiting my daughter and her family, and extended family in Grand Island. Beautiful there too, we enjoy boating there, the rivers and lakes in that area are nice, clean too. We enjoy part of our summer there every year. The people are super friendly. NY is great, I traveled many parts of NY, always a pleasure. 


I've not heard of Grand Isnalnd. Long Island, yes, and I have a sister there. 

 You seem to have traveled more around that area than I did. I did graduate from high there in Manhattan long ago.  Much later,  I remember going to Manhattan with my daughters to visit the doll Store, American Girl. They loved going there. That's about the last memory I have of NY, besides going out to see my sister. And i agree, NYer's are very friendly, as much as others try to portray them being rude. I have seen ruder people in NJ, honestly.  Here in Ohio they are super sweet and helpful, for the most part. :)

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