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13 Answers

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1. Some of them are hot

2. My brain isn't the best these days

3. I need a social life

by (4,027,071 points)
+4 votes

1. Whichever line is shorter.

2. Aaand usually I prefer to check out my own items that way I get home with my entire haul. No items left out and I’m a happy camper!

by (784,570 points)
+5 votes


The store is just using my cheap labor to checkout and bag the stuff without lowering the prices to match.  I refuse to give them my labor.  I shop where there are real people doi g a real job, not exploiting me.

by (1,536,350 points)
+3 votes

Self-checkouts are less efficient but certainly are more cost-effective for the store using them.  Cashiers are not just "check-out functionaries" but are also valuable as sources of information, recommendations for other products and the uses of the products being purchases, and they go a long way to helping the store's "brand" of being friendly, personable, and approachable for the customers.  That "human face" is a huge factor, in other words.

That being said, I think we will see that more and more companies move to automated checkouts to save money.  When there's a cheaper and better way to do something, that will usually carry the day.  As far as the companies are concerned, I think they will view the cost of a few extra seconds for self-checkout and the cost of having only a skeleton staff to assist those having problems with the checkouts as a viable alternative to paying salaries and benefits for "live" employees.  

If we can be replaced by automation in our jobs... we will be.

by (819,500 points)
+2 votes

Whatever line is shorter, simple

by (2,891,720 points)
+3 votes

Both! Whichever line is shorter. I have what I call line-a-phobia, lol. Technically, what is considered Agoraphobia; a type or form of anxiety. However, I only get that way with long lines. So, that's why I call it "line-a-phobia" (as a joke). Bottom  line, I like to keep things moving.

by (66,050 points)
+2 votes

Usually the cashier. I might use the self-check-out if I have only one or two items, but that’s not often. 

by (2,447,070 points)
+1 vote

I usually prefer self-checkout lime but whichever one is shorter during my visit is the one I'll choose 

by (1,192,200 points)
+2 votes

I always go the the self check out. I’d rather check out my items quickly, and with the pandemic it makes sense to handle everything on  your own anyway. I use my own cloth bags and don’t get questioned by the cashier, some are not used to that. So whether it’s a question of having someone bag for you, I prefer just to do it myself.  

by (1,054,850 points)
+2 votes

Depends on how I'm feeling that day. I mostly use the self check out because I like to pack my stuff a certain way, which includes keeping my bags semi light with even weight. 

by (22,760 points)
+1 vote

I've used both. 

Most of the time I have to bag my own damn groceries at the regular Kroger checkout.


by (38,380 points)
+1 vote

Cashier.  I tend to only grocery shop every 2 or 3 weeks, so, my cart gets pretty full.  The self checkouts generally don't provide enough room to deal with everything I'm buying.  Also, I just like the experience better. 

by (954,950 points)
0 votes

If I can get out the door without waiting in line thanks to self check out I’ll happily use it. But I’ll take a cashier if no one is in line. 

by (1,410 points)
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