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My mum asked my family if we should adopt a pupper. 

My poor doggie past last year and I miss him..

We almost adoped another dog but you need an appt to do that

It may work out well I'm out of work for 6 weeks recovering

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4 Answers

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Will someone please adopt me .

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Someone stole my dog a few weeks ago.  I know how it is to miss them.

But be careful.  It is a long commitment and you need to be stable.  I look at them behind cage bars and want to have them all.I

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Sorrry to hear about your dog


Thanks.  For a while I could not figure out why someone would do it.  But then in searching for her I found that there is a huge demand for small dogs.  A Boston terrier, she was a boston mix, sells for like 800 dollars.  She came from the dog pound and was crossed with something, probably a pit bull, and was bigger than a Boston but still only about 40 pounds.  But mutts that are crossed with pit bulls, called pocket pits, are even more valuable.  Depressing.  She is gone.


Welloone, I’m so sorry about your dog! What a vile thing for someone to do!  People can really suck sometimes. 


I just hope that they treat her nice and she gets to be happy. 

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I hope you get one soon. Puppies are great for company, and pets are familly IMO. They're a big repsonibility, but I'm thinking you'd live up tp the resonsibility of what it takes to care for it. 

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And I almost won the lottery.

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