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Do you return or turn in items you find?

Most cases, yes. I can't guarantee I'll return a random paper bag or briefcase with 100k in it.

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5 Answers

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Where I live I wouldn't even acknowledge a briefcase full of cash, I would walk on by, chances are it's ill  gotten gains.

Anything else I'd turn in unless it's a penny then I'd pass it on 

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Great answer!

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Yes! Without a doubt! I believe in the cycle of cause and effects. AKA Karma! Which is logically about punishment or reward. The quality of being honest and having strong moral principles will always be important to me. The Golden Rule applies (even when no one is looking); "Do unto others as you have them do unto you!"

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Funny thing is that the past few instances with something of decent profit to myself, I did the right thing. I thought about that instantly b/c I lost my wallet and the account was wiped out in the past. The process of getting everything back was tedious.....

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As someone who had a mishap with some baggage I was carrying during my car move to Ohio, I would say yes.  I dont know if I had posted what had happened to me during that trip here, but here's a recap: When I was leaving the hotel midtrip with a loadful of bags that included pet food, bowls, crates, etc I had a bag containing my jewelry at the bottom under all the clothes I had bought for the trip. My aunt's gold bracelet which was given to me after she died ( I am her namesake) was part of that. I left this bag at the entrance of the hotel when I intended to come back to get it, but carrying the load and the pets as well, made me forget it.  I was cryiong all throughout the ride to Ohio thinking it might have been taken when I didnt see the bag later on. I had to go to Ohio and come back to Pennsyvania. It was 4 or 5 hours away from my destination. Some nice person bought it in to the hotel to the manager, and I got it back the next day. So I'm grateful to those who do this honestly, and I would do the same. 

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There still are very good people in the world. 


What part of Ohio Amy?


Blue, I am in Columbus now (Worthington really) but moving to Dublin. Are you also in OH? 


I live in Covington KY,just across the river from Cincinnati,Ohio. I have lived in Dayton ,Columbus, Cincinnati and Akron.


I had a cousin who lived in Akron. Did you like Columbus? 


I take I-75 to all points South.... and Ohio seems like it is the longest state to drive through. 


Yes! Very much!


Great true story Amy!


Thank you! 


King, try driving through PA across. It takes so long to go across because it’s rectangular and it seems you’ll never reach the end. 

Hi Amy... 

I have once before! It didn't seem as long..... but also, much less state troopers were out that day

King, well that certainly helps! What bothers me about crossing is are the humongous trucks that need to stay on the right, all along the PA Turnpike. 

  Ohio isnt too bad! It takes me about 4 hrs to reach mid Ohio (Columbius)  from Pittsburgh.  But then again thats going across, I guess it must be longer to go from one point to the end. 

+3 votes

I would do my best to find the owner of the lost item, money or otherwise that I found. Because I care, I would hold onto it for as long as it takes without ever claiming it as my own. I never liked the saying 'finders keepers losers weepers" when I was a child. 

My father would always say, "when we hide ourselves from the truth, we become indifferent." I'm pretty sure that was something from the Bible. The lessons in the Bible are enlightening, a good rule of thumb to live by, which is true whether you're a believer or not!

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I agree with you! Very nice analogy taken from the Bible. 


Good one

+2 votes

I am stupidly honest.  At the store when the person counting the change screws up, it is hard to get good help, I always say something.  They always take it poorly, like they are trying to cheat me, but the mistake is almost always in my favor, and I have to insist that they give me the correct change.  Not too much.

When I was little I was selling christmas wreaths in town.  I went into a bar to sell one and found a $20 on the way out.  I went back into the bar and gave the money to the bartender who promised that he would try to find the owner and if no one claimed it, he would give it to me.

Of course he was thinking found money.  If the owner didn't claim it, he would cheat the little kid.  I engaged in a game of going in to check to see if it had been claimed every few weeks, he told me not yet, maybe wait another few weeks.  I had told my father when I found it.   After several months, like the next spring, I got my father to go into the bar to see what was going on with the twenty.  The bartender coughed it up and I got it.  

 Of course it works in reverse.  A few friends and I were riding our motorbikes on the autobahn in Germany when we stopped at a rest stop.  Sat on the grass and relaxed.  Then got on our bikes and sped down the highway.  Some distance down the road, miles, one of the guys realized that he left his expensive camera SLR on the grass.  We had to travel a while to find an exit and then an entrance, travel past the rest stop until we could turn again and finally got to the grassy area.  The camera was gone.  But now it gets interesting.  Some unknown German had found tne camera, and turned it into the manager of the rest stop, the rest stop had a gas station, restaurant, etc.  Then an american army convoy cam through and the manager figured it must have been an american who lost the camera, so he gave it to an officer in the convoy.  There were 65,000 us troops in Germany at the time.   Why this seemed like a good idea I don't know.

But we sped on up he road until we caught up with the convoy.  As we got next to every vehicle we point to our cameras.  Up near the head of the convoy, an officer held the camera out the window of the jeep.  Our guy reached out and got the thing without stopping.  We went on our way to Munich Oktoberfest.  Faith in humanity restored.

by (1,536,350 points)

I like to think there are more good than not in this world. Good story. 


Me to.  I think the majority of the people are decent.  I find that people act like you expect.  I expect them to be honest, responsible, and decent.


They gave it to a random convoy?


Lol.  I think the thought process was something like:

We found this camera on the grass.  Someone said it was a bunch of americans on motorbikes.  Americans were the only ones stupid enough to ride motorbike and carry expensive cameras but not have enough money to buy something to eat.  So.. They gave it to the rest stop manager for safe keeping.

The poor manager didn't know what to do, and then the army convoy drove in.  Realistically, all americans look alike to Germans and he probably thought that we were traveling together.  Although he had no reason to assume that.  We were in civilian clothes riding bikes, the convoy was in army green driving trucks.  But clearly americans.  I don't think we were even stationed in the same cities.  But his duty was done.  Gave the camera to some americans.  Not his fault.

The convoy was easy to find.  The autobahn traffic moves at 80 plus miles an hour.  The convoy at 45. 

Several leaps of faith were involved.

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