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What self-sabotaging behavior have you learned to address and deal with, if any?

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6 Answers

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I'm not sure the type of answers you are looking for. However, I would say, trying to be all things to all people, would be my self-sabataging thing. It's a hard habit to break. I'm a passionate problem solver, who loves to help in anyway that I can. This can be quite troublesome and tricky at times, especially when I go above and beyond my own capacity. It's definitely a bittersweet emotion when at times it turns out that my best was not good enough for some.

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That's the kind of answer..... just looking into basic behavioral patterns and actions you take that's sometimes detrimental of your energy/goals.

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I'm too honest according to some. My gf at the time we were dating said I need to be a bit more demanding. Let's just say I'm a bit laid back.

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Too honest is a good thing in my opinion, especially if you mean telling it like it is. That's me too. I don't talk behind the backs of people,  I just say it. There's definitely times where being laid back is a good thing as well. Sounds like a good balance to me, Blue. You left me wondering though, how do you see yourself rather than how others see you? 

: )


SandyGirl. I see myself as a man who is patient, tolerant with a high degree of integrity. Something I admire in others.


Great tell it like it is answer, Blue! 

(I'm SMILING)! : )


Honesty is a great trait to have. 

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Great question, King. 

One of my biggest issues has always been an unhealthy relationship with food. I’m one of those people who eats for lots of other reasons beside being hungry. So I spent most of my adult life fighting to stay at a healthy weight. I learned “mindful eating” from a therapist many years ago - long before it was a thing.  I learned how to stay at a healthy weight without starving myself or beating myself up if I decide to have a cookie. 

Another one has been my shopaholic tendencies - I was always broke because I’d spend too much on clothes, shoes and jewelry. Then I’d spend months struggling to pay it all off - and then go right back and run up my credit cards again. It was a frustrating cycle that really made it impossible to save money. Thankfully my therapist helped me with that, too, some years ago and I now have a very nice retirement fund squirreled away. 

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That's great insight JPT. You've conquered that because you noticed the triggers. Emotional eating is definitely one of mine. 
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I'll answer my own Q...

Procrastination is one of mine I've gotten better at. Pure adrenaline rush and thrill seeker to go above and beyond to overcompensate.

Another? Emotional eating. Biggest thorn in my side from experiencing childhood trauma. I coped with Cheeseburgers. 

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When I was younger I made impulsive emotional decisions because they often felt the strongest by my 30’s and thru counseling I came to realize these were almost always mistakes and often some biggies. As I matured I learned to consult Drs, Lawyers, Bankers etc for advice. I stopped relying on impulse/emotional feelings and immediately my life turned around.

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Very good that you took it upon yourself to correct what behavior you could. 

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I would say, I waste too much time doing things I shouldn't be doing, instead of what I need to do. For example, I have a few more boxes of things which need to be unpacked. However, I am trying to live minimally, with as few things as possible around, not taking up so much space. There is not real need to have all those pots and pans or knock knacks. I can do with fewer things, so I'll have to give them away or donate them. Now that I'm retired, I find myself with a lot of time and so that's why I can take my time to do everything, so maybe it's not so bad. 

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You have a good grasp on this. 


You. mean the question?  If so, then thank you!


I meant knowing identifying the behavior to address it


OK, thanks :)

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