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I don’t know if I am taking it the wrong way but I find it weird that if i share something with people for example on FB, some will not comment at all but will send a private message congratulating me. Is there a reason why someone will not want to publicly post something to me versus messaging privately? I find it a bit insincere. Their private messages are sometimes super affectionate or super nice at least. 

Update- thanks for your responses! It’s nice to consider the positivity. The negative part took too much energy, so glad to see it lean towards the sincere part! 

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3 Answers

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I think some people consider private messaging as more sincere.  Plus, if they're being super affectionate they may not want everybody else seeing that.  Yes, I think you're over thinking this.

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Yes, you’re over thinking it. IMO a private message is more sincere than a public comment. The person who sent it is speaking directly to you and not trying to impress anyone  else or call attention to themselves. 

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Depending on the person and their history, you can normally tell whether it's sincere or not.

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