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+2 votes

You're super hungry, your fridge and cupboard is full but you can't find a single thing to eat?

What's that all about?. 

in Daily Life by (3,024,540 points)

5 Answers

+1 vote

I'm always hungry thanks to side effects of the meds I take. They have ruined my body.

by (4,027,071 points)

Omg me too

Plus one of them raised my cholorestrol so high I was diagnosed with hypo something


+1 vote

Yes almost everyday, despite food always being in. I find myself pondering around the kitchen, not being able to make up my mind. 

by (2,270 points)
+1 vote

Yes.  But I know why.  I have good healthy food that I get when shopping.  The wife won't let me get anything else.  But I crave some other food.  Potato chips.  Donuts.  Cookies.  Something with oil, salt, sugar, all three.  Not food that is good for you.  Junk food.  

Along those lines, I ate out last week.  They made a big deal about having multiple kinds of french fries.  I had "real", whatever that is, and the wife had "curly" .  They were both like the british model.  Soggy, limp, kind of tasteless.  Lol.

by (1,536,350 points)

You love your deserts hey dude!


My motto.  Life is short.  Eat desert first.  And maybe some later.

+1 vote

When I open the refrigerator and I can’t decide what I’d like, it’s because I’m not in the mood for what’s inside. I hate wasting food so I sometimes have leftovers when I really don’t want to eat what there. I find that the more I stay away from foods I shouldn’t have, the less I begin to crave them. 

by (1,054,850 points)
+2 votes

Yes! In fact, I have the same situation with clothes, I have several closets full of clothes, but I can't find a single thing to wear. 

by (66,050 points)

I *so* relate to that!! 

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