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I know it may seem I am going on a little but I am receiving endless non stop jokes and comments about it. Last week, I was sat in Starbucks with my friends, when a girl I used to go college with came in who has accused me of some things such as being sly, and chatting to her ex which is true but she is not with him now. 

She made a sly comment, and then tried to take a chair from our table. I put her in her place, but she started to wind me up quite a little so I like squared up to her hair for a moment, pulled the left side of her hair down, but she stood down on my foot and put her hand on the back of my head so I could not move it and pushed a cream cake/pie in to my face, and left. I had the cream from forehead to chin, fully pie-faced. But I do not really see it as a fight because it only lasted 5-10 seconds!? 

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Video evidence or it didn't happen!  

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Oh yeah such a cool look.
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It's not exactly 15 rounds with Mike Tyson.

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Very true, this kind of proves my point tbf. 

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How tallwas she?

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I did not have my ruler on me! She is about my height so like 5ft3/4 maybe? Why?

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It would have been a fight if it had been custard

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Not a fight.  Just a case of abuse of a good pie.   A fight has to involve two or more people.  You were being annoying, and probably deserved what you got, but were not really an active participant in a fight.  

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