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I read about this guy in Texas that found a very young girl being raped and battered the offender to death. He was not prosecuted as the law allows lethal force under those circumstances. Not sure I could do it, but if I was put in the situation who knows.

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1st things 1st:  dig a deep hole even deeper in the woods.   

Get your alibis lined up.

Leave cell and gps at home.  

Don't wanna be tracked.   

Find the evil fucker!  

A person can learn a lot from watching crime shows :)

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If someone purposely hurt me or one of my cats, and the law didn’t get justice for us, I’d get justice myself. Even if it put me in jail. Revenge is under-rated. 

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JPT revenge is over rated, been there done that

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For self-protection.

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Rarely if ever.

If things needed to be rectified it has happened - legally in most cases.

If in self defenses or to protect others it has happened.  Note in the civilian world this can be expensive, SJW's will work to get one charged and convicted.

In the service I have made sure I was out of the area and had no knowledge.

Simple common sense given the Justice System which provides only limited justice.  Remember thoise with the gold make the rules and cannot be prosecuted.  There are those that can provide obstacles however

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