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I saw a map of where these pests were supposed to be coming in this year, and saw western Ohio was going to have them. The map was wrong—- we have them and they’re all over. The humming is very loud and if you walk outside you may have one fly into your face if you don’t duck. Outside a  store yesterday people were swatting  them away. 

   I remember in 2013 we had them in NJ when my youngest graduated from HS.  One flew into my car when the window was open and landed right in the passenger seat by me. These are so creepy looking! 

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7 Answers

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Don't think we have them over here, but I could be wrong. In my birdwatching days I've had gulls dive-bomb me. That was special.

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You’re lucky, these come here in different areas every 17 yrs. They fly around as if they were birds and there are swarms of them in trees. Some are bigger than others so they look like small birds flying. 

A pizza restaurant in Ohio has tested a pizza with them on top of their regular additions! Just tested, not sold as they can’t really sell those to the public.  Yech!


No can do! Lol!


I’m with you! Ughh!

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I'm actually visiting family now in Ohio. Berea, Ohio. I visit several times a year. Everything seems good.  We went to *Whiskey Island yesterday, spent the day there boating and jet skiing in Lake Erie. Fun time! Not one cicada.

*Whiskey  Island is an island in Cleveland, Ohio. Berea is near Cleveland.

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I’ve not heard of it being I’m new here myself, but good for you that you don’t have them there. 


Yes, I'm very happy we didn't have to deal with them. I'm back home now in NY. It takes 5 hours by boat, or 3-1/2 hours to drive. I was there for 4 days. I attended a family wedding on Saturday. Great time!  


Glad you had a good time, sounds like fun. Did you get home by car or boat? You must live in Upstate NY or there abouts if you took the lakes to get home from Whiskey Island. I have relatives in Cobleskill. 


Hi Amy! Thank you! As stated before, I'm from the Western New York area, where the movies A Quiet Place, and A Quiet Place 2 were filmed, and many other films in fact. I live in a large beautiful rural area outside of Buffalo, NY. My office, and two homes that I rent are in the suburb of Tonawanda, which is about 45 minutes from my Rural area of Orchard Park. Many seasonal boaters live in and around the Tonawanda and North Tonawanda, Grand Island area. In fact, SAM from Queens, NY is currently in Grand Island visiting his daughter. I noticed he mentioned that to you in a comment. SAM is part of our Yahoo Answers group that came here to Answerology Reloaded. Grand Island is just over the Grand Island Bridge about 7 minutes away from my Tonawanda homes. The second Grand Island bridge will take you too the mighty Niagara Falls. So yes we are surrounded by many waters. I live at my families summer home in Lake George, NY just outside of the Saratoga Racecourse, in Saratoga Springs, NY during the summer meets, but visit often year round. I went to Ohio via my Sea Ray Sundancer where I dock at Whiskey Island. I left it there and drove back by RV with family yesterday. We are going back around the 4th of July where after my 10 day stay I'm having it shipped by land to Lake George for the season there. I have several Thoroughbreds that will be traveling too, separately, of course. A lot to do but it all falls into place. I love and enjoy the summers to the fullest. I appreciate the wonderful beautiful state of New York where I was born and raised.


Yes, NY state is beautiful. It reminds me very much of PA as well, in some parts NJ.I don't know anything about NY state except that it is where my relatives in Colbleskill live, and we have not seen them in a long time. Coming from Vermont where my youngest went to look art colleges, we came back via NY state. 

   Nice to have horses!  I love them and  had a chance to ride one visiting a distant cousin when I was younger but that's all the experience I've had with them. 

 I do miss NJ for its beaches and lighthouses. They aren't any beaches here in Ohio as you know, being its an insular state but if you want to see beaches you need to up to Michigan. Some day I will visit. Incidentally, I wasn't "supposed" to move here--I wanted to go to New Hampshire or Maine to retire, but these states were far from my girls and also very harsh in the winter (much like Buffalo), so I decided to come here to be by the girls. It didnt snow much at all last winter--about 7 inches in total, so I'm thankful for that. 

   Yes, I remember Sam is from NYC, and so am I, native NYer raised in Manhattan.  Its good to hear from people here who share that common bond. 


Amy, I'm assuming you mean Cobleskill, NY. I'm very familar with it as I travel to North-Holland, near Amsterdam very often. I understand perfectly that you want to be near family. It seems that I'm the one who travels often so it's expected of me to do the visiting, and often. Buffalo, NY does have some of the craziest winters, but lately not so bad. It seems things are flipping in the winter weather department. My friends in Texas had a worse winter than I had here, which is very rare. I'll take the hard winters though over hurricanes, volcanos, and tornados anytime. My friends from North Carolina had to rebuild their home twice, and replaced their roof and fence at least 7 times since they moved there. Buffalo and it's suburbs do get a lot snow, and sometimes recorded breaking numbers. My Thoroughbreds love it. I actually like the winter season myself. I've always enjoyed living in a 4 season area, it never gets boring. We have the best summers, and fall is a beautiful time as well. I've traveled many places for pleasure, as well as, for business and there's no place like home here in NY. I lived one summer in the UK, which their season is just the opposite of ours. We are going into summer now where they are going into their winter. Which I find Interesting! I have many friends who come to visit the whole summer season. Kind of like the Florida snowbirds who live Florida for the winter. Many live here or come here to NY for summer. The temps are acceptable during the summer here, though we do get some very hot and humid days too. Cleveland, Ohio and Buffalo, NY are known as sister cities because they are so similar. Downtown Buffalo very beautiful too. They've done a lot of positive things to the city over the last several years. Definitely worth visiting too. The waterfront is one of the most beautiful. Especially Niagara Falls. Finally, I agree with you Amy, it's nice to share a common bond with others here. Also, thank you Amy for your refreshing feedback and kindness. I appreciate you very much.


Sandy, I too like the 4 seasons. Like you, NJ has its share of blizzards, enough to cover a car. I can take it for just the winter season, but in Maine spring doesn’t come till the middle of May. I was once there and it snowed overnight in mid April. 

   Funny you say the Uk has opposite seasons from us and that they’re going into winter now. Are you sure? I was in England during one summer and they were having summer too.  I think Australia has the opposite seasons, they are going into winter now as they’re in the Southern Hemisphere.

    Yes I would rather have the bad winters than earthquakes, mudslides or forest wildfires. Hopefully  I won’t see any tornadoes but I think there have been a few milder hurricanes since being here.  

   Thank you Sandy, that’s sweet of you! :))


Oops! Thank you for calling me out, Amy. I made a mistake, I meant to say New Zealand. New Zealand's winter is June-August!

You're welcome Amy! :)


It's New Zealand SandyGirl, I remember when you went.

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Nope.  No cicads here.  I have seen them in the west, but not here yet.  Of course I have only lived here 10 years, so they may yet come. 

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+2 votes

We don't have them, the closest nuisance bug we have is midges. 

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Midges?  That’s a new one for me. 


They are tiny wee things that look like a mosquito and bite like F. Some people have allergic reactions to their bite, I don't I just get big spots that itch 


They sound bad. I get a lu p just from mosquito bites themselves, I can imagine what a bee sting or one of those midges might do to me. I am allergic rot bee stings, have never had one bite me. 

In the north here in Maine, there are these black flies on beaches that bite. They sound very much like your midges. 

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They were going all out in our big maple tree last week. Sat quiet, it rained Sunday quiet. And today quiet, windy!

Maybe they are gone????

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Well, there’s a whole bunch of their shells left on a tree I pass with the dog. But I still hear them! They sound like little bulldozers! 


They’re Backkkkkkkk!

Yes they’ve returned.

But not seemingly as loud and raucous.

Perhaps this is a smaller batch????


I don’t know, maybe they have shed their skins and had to hide in order to grow a new shell. Or, maybe the rain had something to do with it. Ours haven’t left yet/- I wonder how long they’ll be here for. 

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We don’t have them here, but I certainly remember them from my childhood in Chicago - very creepy. They’re like a freaking biblical plague! 

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I think they are! My brother says they are like bug eyed flying roaches! Haha!!

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I hear them from time to time in the summertime. The are very loud. Not to the point of attack though.

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