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Indifferent for the most part like I am with Santa Claus and the Tooth-Fairy because I've gotten the same thing from all three, Zip, Zero, Zilch but a few empty promises and a perpetual Guilt-Trip for not being Grateful... 

But I'd Hate the bastards if I still believed in any of them! 

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Reason: Because HE loved me so much he sent his SON to the cross.

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I think he likes a good challenge.

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Ok I'll say it: any god that lets a school get shot up isn't a god I want to worship. 

Christian people tell us god loves all of us and watches over us .

Lol watching over us as churches, schools,  malls and nightclubs get  shot up!    Praise Jesus!  

One last thing :

One can be evangelical or they can be Christian. 

Just not both .

I'm gonna take cover now.  

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Trouble maker.


I second that:)


Thank you! 

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I have reached an agreement with god.  While I appreciate  all of the good things that she has done for us.  Beautiful sun rises, sunsets, scenery, oceans and plants, etc.  I am not much of a fan of the bad things sent our way.  Poisins food, plagues, floods, earthquakes, wild fires, pestilence, donald trump, etc.  So it works like this.  I don't tell her how to run the universe, she doesn't tell me how to run my life.

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All I know is ever since I handed everything over to God I've felt much better.

I lost my Mother, Husband and Mother in law within 18 months and now I'm being treated for Breast Cancer.

So I often wonder if I'm just copping out, but I'm convinced God has a plan, I'm sure I don't need to know or understand His plan,  I just accept it.

However, accepting these things would also help a non believer, so I accept those people don't need to agree with me, we just need to respect each other and get through life as best we can.

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It's obvious there's a lot we don't understand about good vs evil, other than it absolutely exists. Whether one believes in God or not is a very personal choice, so be it. One thing I know for sure bad things happen to good people all the time. There's people who turn to faith only in the bad/sad times, while others do the complete opposite. Then there's those who never acknowledge any good in their lives. Those same people can't seem to get out of their own way, they blame others, having endless excuses. They are totally consumed with their own problems and/or interests all the time, no wonder they can't take in anything else. In the meantime, taking a step back, and being less cynical may help them. Also, note that the Bible actually makes it clear that having faith in God/Jesus Christ does not guarantee a perfect life, but it does guarantee a perfect eternity. With that, maybe someday all our questions will be answered, and we will know more about this mystery we call life. In the meantime, I'm living my best life.

(My personal choice is to love God)      

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Farther along we will know all about it;

Farther along we will understand why;

Cheer up my brother; Live in the sunshine;

We`ll under stand it all bye and bye


You got it Blue Jay! LOL!

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I believe that God does love us very much, as someone mentioned here and I’ve seen it many places “For God so loved  the world that he gave it His only son.” What God did by sending us His son is to teach us to love one another. That is what Jesus preached, and unfortunately the world was not kind to Him. Did we expect the world to receive Him with open arms and accept his teachings? No, but many did. I always think Jesus was born at a dangerous time. I think he would have been more accepted today ( my personal thought). What happened to Him is not God’s fault, nor is anything else that man does here on earth. Man is far from perfect as we all know. 

Life is hard, no question about it. But in this journey we call life we are expected to have problems and solve them as best as we can, or sink in them;  it’s up to us to use good judgement and work through them. And in knowing that God loves us and will not desert us makes life for me personally, more bearable with all its problems.  Whether  you are a believer or not, He is there for us. He merely wants us to acknowledge His being, to humble ourselves and turn to Him when we are happy, sad, sick or well.  It is no coincidence many only turn to Him when life gets tougher. I think this is His way of drawing us closer to Him. 

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Sad to see some will compare God to holiday mascots. I understand the point your making, but there has never been a book as elaborate or as detailed as the Bible about holiday mascots or fairytale characters. The Bible has been a constant, and be found in almost every home including hotels around the world. Religion is a tough subject right up there with politics. Personal preferences make up the world but there's no reason to be ill-mannered to those who choose to believe. I choose to believe, therefore I love God.

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I love God. I marvel at the beauty of our water planet. I was sitting outside on my raised deck yesterday evening. The temperature was 82* F but very little humidity. The rock fountain on my deck gurgled repetitively as the robin and cardinal continuously sang their duet. The trellises in the backyard loaded with honeysuckle as the hummingbirds flit to and fro. The verdant green lawn accented by honey locust trees and three giant hackberry trees trying to touch the clouds themselves. My Mimosa tree has leaves that shyly close if touched. The ditch lilies are in their full splendor trying to compete with Mother Nature’s orange sunset. My red lilies are coming on just in time for July 4th!

How can one look around at all this beauty and not see God’s magnificent handiwork?

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I’m indifferent. I don’t believe any gods exist. 

I’m *not* indifferent to believers who think they’re entitled to shove their dogma down my throat, regardless of which god they follow. THAT is where my anger is directed -  not at their non-existent gods. 

I was raised Catholic and since I was very young, the idea of the Christian god has baffled me. He’s one god, but he’s also his own son and a spirit. He got mad at humans for using the free will *he gave us* in ways of which he disapproved, so he decided to torture and murder his son -  who is also himself - as a sacrifice for… well, for some reason that completely eludes me. How killing himself (aka his son) saves humanity is beyond me. The entire concept is bizarre. 

That said  - if other people believe that story - or any god story -  good for them. I have no problem with it until they start trying to write their nonsense into our secular laws and tell me how to live. I don’t really care what they think their god wants. He’s their god- not mine. 

by (2,472,970 points)

My goodness, is that what your Catholic religion taught you? If that's what they taught you, as a child, that teaching is not only sad but extremely twisted. In other words convoluted! Children are very impressionable, so when raising them with religion, it should be handled more carefully than that.


I heard that Albert Einstein did not believe in God either,that`s when he was alive.



Interesting statement Blue Jay please elaborate. I'm pretty sure Einstein believe in God as the design of the universe, not as a spiritual personal God. Interesting on what you mean by he believes in him now?


It`s very simple Sam. If you are dead you have met Him.

Sandygirl ~~ Catholicism, evangelism,  Protestantism...whatever...The basic story is the same and it's all weird. The idea of a god being his own son (and a ghost too) and letting himself get crucified to "save mankind" from...something...IS convoluted. It doesn't matter which version. They're all ridiculous, as far as I'm concerned. If you disagree, that's fine. 

I don't have a problem that you don't believe or with your opinion. I just never heard it put quite the way you put it is all. Yes! Catholics do teach "Trinity" and the other religions that you mentioned, but not all religions do. In fact, the Bible doesn't even teach that the father, the son, and the holy spirit are three (persons) in one God. Another fact is the Bible doesn't even mention the word "Trinity." That, unfortunately, is something that man made up. Why? I have no idea. It is man that destroys and twist things, and for what, I have no reason to give for that. If going by the Bible Jesus never claimed to be equal to God, instead, Jesus worshipped God (Luke 22: 41-44). When on the cross Jesus stated, fatherforgive them for they not know what they do. (Luke 23: 34) Those are just a couple examples. There are way more. So was Jesus worshiping himself or talking to himself? No! He was not! My point is not everyone believes in that twisted convoluted way. There's actually a way to teach that makes sense. Just like a husband and wife are considered one in a marriage, it is the same concept as God the father, Jesus his son, and the holy spirit, all three though they are separate they are considered one. Like a unit. Or like an egg; There's 3 parts the shell, the white, and the yoke. That make up one though separate. Anyway, thank you for having a reasonable conversation on this even though we differ. Some people get down right nasty, which is just as crazy as what some believe, lol. 


SandyGirl, that's the most impressive explanation I ever heard or should I say read in my life.

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