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I was told it is spherical. Is it correct

in Religion by (3,550 points)

4 Answers

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Cosmology Telescope find that the universe is flat. The studies are complicated, and ongoing with many theories. However, most recent studies find that the universe is flat. 

I suggest you do an internet search to learn more specific details on this matter of debate study.

by (176,490 points)
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I've heard it's butt shaped, but I could be wrong.

by (4,124,511 points)
0 votes

I have heard the spherical, but expanding, theory.  But I like the donut shaped theory better.

i am waiting to be proven wrong.

by (1,569,030 points)
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Must not be too bad, the Extraterrestrials are on Holiday.

Guessing they haven’t yet got the Covid?

by (817,990 points)
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