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                            My husband is disabled I have an adult special needs daughter my hubsand s oldest sister is his Power of Attorney and a big pain I cannot stand the way she treats him she pushed us into getting married because she did not wont to take care of him been married 7 years in August.

I find myself now carrying a lot of guilt and way did I let her push us into marrying my husband and daughter are a lot she blocked us moving into  a 3 bedroom house all because of the rent I let her know how I felt she goes and says I was mad at the wrong person talk to hubby,my husbands disability makes him slow no all you.

I made a terrible mistake lost my Section 8 voucher making him head of household the worker has said he s the only one that can ask for a voucher we are not on a project based one which expires July 31st I have lived here 13 long years since apartments were built we do need more space have a 2 bedroom one and a half bathrooms I have my reasons I wont to move we have an field across the street more like a forest recently saw a bear over there groundhogs deer our building has an hallway and recently once again seems some guy could be in there we not keep front and back door pulled up we all I feel on the top have keys.

This is now our now our 6th landlord I have never seen her sister in law wont s us to stay here I know because of the rent she has an older son who now has a baby son trying to get custody I tolerate him he was homeless he sure does not wont us to move one of our neighbors downstairs is annoying and worrisome  I need to know what to really do I know fear is holding me back moving back I do have an application for housing mostly public housing most of those are not the best.

My husband and I get along fine but her she recently moved back home where they are from but hubby still has to call her to ask for money she now has her youngest son helping this woman his payday comes into town hello bills can be paid online etc as far as the rent you could mail that I am not a child we cannot do anything with her what having to give us the okay I told her back in February of this year finally I do not like you she was no good I was going crazy holding it in to move stay with him I am going to have to cuss her out she just does not know she s holding us back on housing and he s no help I wont to scream.

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Your whole issue is with your husband.  He has named his POA. It is up to him to change it as he sees fit. A POA is generally for folks who cannot care for themselves. 

Are you saying your husband did not change POA over to you after the marriage? Why not, it is a relatively simple process. Is he mentally able to make this decision.

Typically a POA doesn’t make demands upon where you live unless there is  a problem of the patient not having enough money left for their care.

It is impossible for us to totally evaluate your financial situation without more facts.

Drop the hate on the sister and have a long heart to heart with your hubby to clear up and misunderstandings!

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                                         Hello lady4u sorry took so long to answer No he did not turn Power of Attorney over to me he is very intimidated of his sister as far as us moving we have Section 8 which I should of not made him head of household lost my voucher if only I had of known what I do now.

Due to my husbands disability there are things he does not understand and she takes advantage when to me she wont s she gives to me him money  she feels he should have he goes without things how can say $40.00 be enough for him to survive a whole month for things he needs, he smokes I have caught him looking in the trash can for buts asking some of our neighbors which Im hoping and praying they are not talking we should live better then we do I feel she s using his money.

Every blue moon she s ready to say what do we need because those people will wont to know meaning Social Security again no I do not like her no cannot stand her going out to a store to shop with her is a nightmare she wont s to buy cheap he see something wont speak up he has the money I do everything and he needs to help out more we do have help with food but the bills should of sit down and said who pays what she pushed us into marrying my wedding was not what I wanted.

There s no need for her to wont to be along with us when we go out to buy furniture etc I know how to take care of things hello I do alright by my daughter but you cannot do anything because she has all his information his bankcard etc now she has moved back to their hometown.

I am nobody s child okay I did go and got payee back in 2016 she came and they gave it back to her again I have been wonting to get out of this since then but I got to make sure me and my daughter have somewhere to live and we are good I stay stressed and worried I wanted to cuss her out good when we were not able to move every blue moon she ll give him money to shop.

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