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This Wed. July the 14th i will be having surgery to remove cataracts. If any body has been through this,or know someone that has let me know what to expect.

The Best part

The Worse part

How much did it improve your vision? ETC

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As I stated in my private message to you. You'll do fine! You will definitely be thankful for the cataract surgery. Run don't walk to have it done, said the parents, lol.  The millions of drops for preparation and prevention before and after is the worst part. You will have to wear those dark crazy looking sunglasses too to protect your eyes when outside for awhile. Both my parents had theirs done several years ago, but once everything was said and done they loved seeing beautiful colors again, and seeing at night too, which became a problem. They would see halos around all the city lights at night. I'm good so far and don't need surgery, yet anyway, maybe I'm to young yet. I wear sunglasses all the time when outside. I have special glasses when riding/racing my horses as well. I watched my parents surgery on the tv monitor they had in the private waiting room area. I couldn't believe the dark film they took off their eyes. Take one day at a time until you get there, and again you'll be thankful and grateful for this type of surgery. My parents too paid for upgraded lenses, as someone indicated in one of the answers. Eye Doctors perform this type surgery all the time Blue Jay, so no worries, OK?!  Take good care, and do everything that is asked of you to avoid infection or any related problems. I know you will. Good wishes to you Blue Jay! :)

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Thank you SandyGirl!


You're welcome Blue Jay!

: )

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I have not had this myself, but I know multiple people who have. Every single one of them said it was a piece of cake and their vision improved dramatically after the procedure. I hope you find it to be the same. 

Good luck! 

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Thank you JPT !

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Hi Bluejay,

    Both an uncle and an aunt of mine had that surgery awhile back. What you can expect is a quick surgery, and I believe you need to recover slowly at home and not drive for about a week (maybe more because my uncle and aunt had it done long ago). The reason being, your vision will be a bit blurry at first. After they heal, your vision will be perfect. That is all I remember. I also think you'll be given eyedrops for soothing the eyes and for possible infection.  Hope that helps. 

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Thank You Amy!


You’re welcome! How are you feeling? Your surgery was yesterday I see. Hope you’re ok!


Fine Amy ! I can see better already! It was a piece of cake !!


That cake looks delicious, lol.


It certainly looks delish. Looks homemade too. Blue will get his cravings again, oh dear. 


After seeing that cake I asked my wife to bake her chocolate layered cake! My guilty pleasure was triggered, lol.


Was that your reward Blue Jay, if so I can't wait, lol.


I wish it was Joe

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My boyfriend had both eyes done. He had really bad luck with one eye.

All surgery is serious.

The Leftists have left us!

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Thank You Lady4u !

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Yes, I had it done 2 years ago. 

The best part: I paid for upgraded lenses, and I am now 20/20 near and 20/20 far. This is a miracle to me, because I had worn glasses since the 4th grade.

The worst part: It's 2-3 hours of preparation for a 5-minute surgery. 

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Thank You Awesome 1 !


Welcome back, Awsum1!  I remember you're from Chicago, no? 

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I've had both done. The right eye was a lens replacement and the left was a normal cataract removal. The worst part is having to lie still for so long. The rest is painless and easy. It just looks and feels like you're eyes are open underwater.


THX Glasgowbelle!

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I have not had to have this done, yet.  It is probably in my future.  I have known quite a few people that have had it done.  Both parents for example. It mostly goes fine.  Nobody ended up with perfect vision afterwards, but most could barely see before the surgery.  I think the replacement lenses are much better than they used to be.  On my parents, they did one eye at a time so if they screwed up, you were not blind.  

Good luck.

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They still do one eye at a time. My other eye is scheduled for surgery on Aug 04.



I had one eye at a time done too. I think that the norm.


I asked a horse racing question under sports. I'm hoping to hear from you or SandyGirl soon. Thanks!


SandyGirl has gone  to the Spa ( Saratoga ) for a 2 week vacation. She said internet reception was bad their. But she might get through.


Oh SandyGirl left already? I know she goes there for the full summer meet at Saratoga. She probably won't be back until Sept or at least after the Travers Stakes then.


I'm assuming SAM's right. SandyGirl won't be back until after the meet. Two weeks would be a tease for her. 

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I had both eyes done two years ago. It was a cake walk Blue Jay. The steps are pretty straightforward! I had the lens upgrade I no longer needs glasses or reading glasses. I have 20/20 vision, and see colors as true once again, it's a blessing. Good luck Blue Jay!

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Thanks Sam!

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My who passed mother did about 5 years before she passed. I helped her prepare and I drove for her. She said it made a big difference and didn't really realize what she was missing. Good luck with the other eye too Blue Jay. Sorry I'm late.

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Thanks Joe!

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