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Mine is Manifest.

Anyone watch Blacklist?

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5 Answers

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I download straight from usenet. Just finished watching Black Widow. Some serious action.

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Just finished “Shadow and Bone” - loved it - and am currently 3 episodes into “Sweet Tooth.” I’m liking it so far. 

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I've just finished watching the last episode in a drama series called "Love, Marriage, and Divorce". It's a Korean series and the subtitles are in English. Centers around the lives of three women and the frailties in their marriages, with one being cheated on by a husband (who was a "perfect doctor and husband"), the other left his wife for another younger woman, and the last is a woman who is mean-spirited and who deserves to be left by her husband, but she won't give him a divorce. The latter is the most interesting because the lady is beautiful but has a mean temper, her husband a very handsome man who falls for a soft hearted and sweet/sensible woman who is now carrying his baby.  Very complicated, and its at times funny because of the woman's in-laws who are funny (always arguing over silly matters, etc) adds some lightness to the entire series. 

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No netflix.  I live in the time before netflix.  

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Good series, just finished Lucifer

by (2,901,960 points)

“Lucifer” is the SHIT!! I was so pissed when Fox canceled it after 3 seasons. Then it was Netflix to the rescue and we got 3 more seasons! Worked out just fine. 


One of the better series I have watched in awhile.  There is one more season coming

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