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News outlets are asking us the remove all bird feeders and bird baths and wash in 10% bleach.

There is a theory the birds ate the Cicadas that were filled with a toxin. The toxin thereby killed the birds who ate the Cicadas. Hawks are beginning to show the same signs before dying. The hawks have been eating the the song birds.

This is awful! We never had this happen with other Cicada outbreaks!

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No, I haven't. Interesting--I'll have to check it out!  I always wondered if the birds would have a great time with those cicadas. They all carry a toxin? 

The new place has a backyard lined with tall bushes and vines where many birds are flying about. I'm a bird fanatic, so I don't mind them at all but that's sad news. 

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Have not heard that.  I will look for information here. We don't have cicadas in any number.

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I have heard about it and it’s awful. First we’re losing bees - essential to our food chain - and now birds are dropping out of the sky. 

I did not hear about a possible cause, though. I guess the cicada theory is as possible as the next one, but why would the cicadas be toxic in the first place? And it’s happening in multiple states so all the cicadas everywhere must’ve been toxic. It’s a mystery. 

I hope they figure it out. The way we’re losing wildlife, in 50 years there will be nothing left alive on earth but humans and cockroaches. 

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Yes, this is extremely disturbing. Currently scientist have only theories regarding the cicadas. It seems to affect their eyes and nervous system. I'm wondering if it could have something to do with the coronavirus? The majority of affected birds are common grackles, blue Jays, European starlings, and even the American robins, and other species of songbirds as well. They seem to be all fledgling birds which are young birds that grown enough to acquired it's initial flight feathers. Poor things!

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I’m wondering if anyone here remembers the time when one summer in my town and a neighboring town in NJ, birds were found dead everywhere. I found one in my back yard, and they were found on driveways, swimming pools, streets, etc. I wrote to Trenton’s Dept of Health as well as Washington to let them know, and it was found that a mosquito spray was used in the city some weeks prior to the deaths. The woman I spoke to at the DOH IN NJ was interested, but then made excuses for it, such as it being too hot, ongoing constructing, etc. I belonged to a Facebook group for my town and kept tabs from others about the birds, and there was a total of about 150 birds found in different areas. I always believed it was that chemical spray that killed them.

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