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I'll go first.

Watching Donald Trump answer a question.

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6 Answers

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Memories of days past.

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I was trying to tell someone about singing "God Bless the USA" to a crowd of vets at a huge dinner gathering (the community chorale sang for them.)  As we sang, a frail WWII army vet struggled to his feet and saluted, and within 10 seconds, all of them were standing.  The vets were saluting; the rest put their hands over their hearts.  It was all we could do to continue singing.

I choked up tremendously in the telling and barely got through the story.

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Very touching.
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Trump has a way of bring out all emotions. Laughing, crying, the whole ball of wax.

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At my sister's husband's funeral, the speech she gave about how she and her husband had met when she was very young, to how life was with him. She was so brave to share it, IMO and such a great speaker. She's the youngest of 5, and the one with the most spunk in the family. I'm calling her this weekend to see how she is now. 

   This was the fourth death that had happened over the course of 3 weeks that I had in the family--and there have been 7 deaths all together after my brother-in-laws death of other known people. Too many! 

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Thinking of my mother. 3rd anniversary is approaching. 

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KIng my thoughts are with you, it is a tough anniversery


Thank you Archer. It never gets easier. 

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My Sisters death and funeral.  My sister died in March from Covid.  She and her husband were Trumpers among other items  Since they did not believe in wills etc, her funeral was delayed until August due my Brother Inlaws incapacitation  he could not legally do anything.

The expense from our attorneys was exorbitant.  That said we got my sister buried, we attended via Zoom.  I shed tears for our loss and my youngest who had never met their Aunt.

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