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I compliment him every time I see him and he just says thanks or blows it off.  He never compliments me back and rarely compliments any pictures I send him.  I sent him some private pics and he never said a word about it other than he received them.  I’ve asked him if he finds me attractive and he said “of course”, but still NEVER tells me so or says anything about my appearance.  Can a guy please explain this to me?!  

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4 Answers

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Some people are very hesitant in dishing out compliments as the reaction can be varied. Women are also notorious at not accepting compliments. Only recently I told a woman friend of mine she is too good. She responded with "Not really.". Won't make that mistake again.

Also, many many years ago I told my brother I loved him. He said "You've never known love." I haven't made that mistake ever since and I stopped putting love from on Birthday and Christmas cards to him.

Examples like this put you off making compliments.

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Very sad!


Well, Blue, *I* think you're a swell person!


Thanks Media.

Very sad for sure.
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He is not a very social being, apparently.  If he compliments others but not YOU, then question how much he really  does value you.

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My wife never enjoyed holidays, looking at the stars, sunsets, or even fireworks. One day I asked her why? Well, it turned out it had nothing to do with me but had to with others in her life, how they made her feel. Eventually, she felt better about all these special things, including taking compliments because of me. I made her feel a way that the others didn't. Bottom line, if someone makes you feel negative about yourself, find someone who will not only want to make your feel good, but goes that extra step for you. A person, he or she, who wants to bring out the best in you is what it's all about. Someone who makes you feel great is worth it. All others can take a hike.

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Somethign tells me your boygfriend has not received many compliments in his life--so he finds it odd to give them out. That's just my feeling. Then again he may be too shy to show his feelings and how he likes some aspect of you. Maybe he doesnt want to give too much of himself away and keep his feelings a mystery. Some people are like that. You two sound like opposites in this department, so give him time and see if he changes.  You might want to bering it up when you get to know him a lot more, and when he feels less intimidated by the question. 

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