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restrictions all being dropped for COVID-19? 

   Do you feel assured about the Delta variant being somewhat controlled for it now? 

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I think they should have kept wearing masks mandatory and dropping everything in one go is a mistake.

The killer is Long-Covid Syndrome. 10% of those tested positive will be affected even if they don't have symptoms.

I would also recommend watching Panorama from the BBC when they went under-cover to a mass testing site. Thousands of tests that could not be relied on to be correct so they could meet targets.

And in answer to Boris saying if not now then when, I would say when everyone's vaccinated.

I'm also not impressed with the PM and the Chancellor trying to get out of having to self-isolate. And I have emailed my local MP about that. Just waiting for his excuses because he's a Tory.

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I agree with you. I don't fee safe around people who go around not wearing masks in stores. These stores have been given the go and set up their own procedures. whether its from the mayor here or the governor, that fully vaccinated people can now enter stores with no masks. These are mainly supermarkets and retail stores. But there are others, such as restaurants, hospitals, and the like that still honor the order and have signs posted that say masks are required. In Califonia, Los Angeles has again required masks after it had lifted the ban. 

   The PM and Chancellor are humans too and should adhere to guidelines about self isolation. Good for you that you complained to them-- I hope more do the same. 

   Will catch that Panorama, sounds interesting. Is that on any special site? 


Panorama BBC documentary.



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