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 How are you or they doing? Did anyone get pneumonia? 

Need to know as I have a family member currently fighting covid pneumonia. 

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3 Answers

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My Sister died, and my Brother In-law is still recovering 6 months later.  We cannot be there and are paying for extra care.

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I’m so sorry I have two family members fighting covid right now and I am scared.  Were they vaccinated? No judgement just trying to figure out where to go


I'm sorry for your loss. I know the feeling all to well. 


Sorry about your sister, Arch. My condolences. 


I understand because of my own sad family death experiences. I'm sorry for your loss. I also hope your brother makes a full recovery.


They had just had their 1 dose of vaccine, reluctantly.  They were and my Brother in Law is still a Trumper.  Did not believe in masks, and all the other common sense precations


I know some Trumpers too. I just don't understand the way that they think. Especially since Trump had covid, received the best care, and was vaccinated too. 

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My idiot brother got it in Cincinnati during one of his court ordered counseling sessions.   

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Oh no.. was he vaccinated?


Being vaccinated doesn't mean you won't get covid. The vaccination/injection prevents you from getting the intense life threating (critical) symptoms where you have to be hospitalized or cause death. Once vaccinated if you get covid you will experience milder symptoms, if that. I had covid months before I was vaccinated, and still made the decision to get vaccinated, wife too. My wife and I were very lucky to survive it was that bad.


Haven't spoken to him in 3 years  

Doubt he was.  

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I lost my mother, son, my brother in law, and mother in law (in that order) from covid-19. All within 4 months. My mother in law and brother in law were on ventilators because they were unable to breath on their own. We said good-bye to both of them via FaceTime but they never knew it, as far as, my knowledge. My mother died from covid complication. She otherwise lived a normal happy life and would have continued to live if it wasn't for covid complications, she was a diabetic. She was living a good life due to daily medication. Covid interfered with that. My son's death was from suicide, which was the only death unrelated to covid. Losing all these precious loved ones in a very short period of time was devastating to say the least. I'm still feeling the pain from it all, probably will the rest of my life. My granddaughter 12 had covid too but she's doing good now, and was just recently vaccinated. No one who past away was vaccinated. I'm warning those who think this is a ordinary cold or just a flu, it is not. This is a very serious disease that affects people differently. Some are lucky ones where they have mild symptoms, or worse, it could be the cause of their death or a loved ones death. My wife and I and other family members are now fully vaccinated, since the end of March. We waited an additional 6 weeks or so after vaccination to go out in public mask free. We all feel great, but we are still very cautious and shy in public. We habitually wash our hands. We stopped wearing masks 6 weeks after our vaccinations, but may returned to them again with yet another rise in current cases. My advice to those on the fence, please take care of yourself and your family by seeking the advice from your trusted family Dr.. Whatever you do don't make your decision based on politics. There's a lot of misinformation out there. Think for yourself, protect yourself, and your family before it's too late. If anyone has children or grandchildren under 12, seriously protect them, there is no vaccine for them yet. 

I had covid the year before, February 2020, which was a month before all the lock down started. My wife had it too after me. We were very sick but pulled through. At the time we didn't realize it was covid. We both had the flu before this was far worse, more intense. It was a long haul.    

To the asker of this question Live to Love: I hope and pray your family member make a full recovery. If you're not vaccinated yet please do so, it's easy and worth it.

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May God be with you and help you through these troubling times Joe.My condolences for your losses


I had no idea you were dealing with such pain. Then again yahoo answers didn't let us chat like this. God bless you and your family Joe.


Sorry for your loss, totally understand where you are coming from


Joe, I'm sorry about your family losses. Your pain is unimaginable to me. God bless. 


I’m so sorry Joe, words cannot express the sadness over such news. Sending my condolences to you. And Thank you for sharing your story, as painful as it is, you are helping people like me make better decisions. I have a 12yr and a 17yr old that I am afraid to get vaccinated. My daughter just recovered from covid two weeks ago. I will now take them to get vaccinated. I am one of the ones who are reluctant to take the vaccine because of all the misinformation and conspiracies out there as you mentioned. Truly thank you for helping me. 


Thank you! Take care of yourself and your family. I don't normally write much but when it comes to this covid stuff, I want to help others.


Thank you Amy

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