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I was doing research and discovered there was a civil war training camp not far from me.

Camp Piqua.  The ohio 110th infantry was one of the units trained there. 

The eventual commander of the 110th was Joseph Warren keifer. 

He was born in clark county ohio in 1836.

After the war he was elected to Congress and became speaker of the house.   Seriously. 

The wheels in my head started turning. 

My great great grandfather was born in 1832 in the next county and was a keifer. 

Looking to see if there's any family connections. 

Even a small connection would be exciting.   

Maybe I'll never find out........

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2 Answers

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Interesting. History near you is always fun to investigate. Have you looked on and looked at your family history? 

   The town that my cousin lives in is also full of history. He lives in Lambertville, NJ and by him is part of the Delaware River.  Washington crossed that area, and around the town which is full of older homes, they have metal posts imprinted with events that happened at each area. My cousin is a historian, and he loves it there. 

   I saw similar things where I lived in NJ, there was a canon used in an old  war that was displayed in the town center. 

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History, an interesting topic.  US for me

1631 founding the Saybrook colony in CT

My mothers family were my mothers to th UK

Have many ancestors buried  on both side of the US Cival War

Hapsburg Dynasty disintermediation,  my family was there


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