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What are Best household lubricants around the house other than ky

in Married Life by (1,000 points)

6 Answers

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Depends on what you want to lubricate.  A lot of things provide their own lubrication if warmed up properly.  

by (1,626,610 points)
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Depends on what you are doing.  You mention KY, my partner prescribes any of the German Water based Lubricants.  The common one in her office sample drawer is Pur which she hands outs to couples.  My partner is a Doctor, Surgeon

by (2,906,320 points)

Thank you I will try that one appreciate it. 

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by (4,305,761 points)

Ha! Be careful with that!

+1 vote

My current wife and I recommend LIQUID SILK.

by (61,490 points)
0 votes

Baby oil!  

Is it safe?

I guess.  

by (59,950 points)

Thank you 

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