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Idea of a sex addict wife is great for a guy. But how does that play out in real life ? Is it ideal as the idea ? 

in Married Life by (1,000 points)

4 Answers

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In the real world men aren't ready for action 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Especially if they're over 50 years old.

by (4,305,761 points)
I agree. 
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The sex addict would be me.  The spouse is sex averse.  This doesn't work well. 

by (1,626,610 points)
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My Ex was not only a sex addict, she was also an exhibitionist. Trust me it's not great for the guy unless you're 19 and have the constant need. Even then it's not reality it's a sickness. Sex is good don't get me wrong but it can be a serious problem too. She was addicted to everything; sex, alcohol, winning, coffee, tanning, shopping, her phone, inflicting pain/abusive, everything had to be perfect.. you name it. My advice would be to run fast from anyone like this!

by (61,490 points)

Wow Thank you for your answer. Appreciate your honesty. 


You're welcome! There was a time where I would not have been so honest. I have a different wife now, who brings out the best in me. We are very compatible, thank goodness.

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Wifey has absolutely no interest. 

by (59,950 points)

Thank you 

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