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Pituitary gland is to be removed due to a serious head/brain infection from not having a dog bite treated with antibiotics right away. 

I'm asking this because of a friend of ours is having this surgery soon.

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Thank you! Excellent information! I'm still not sure if he still will be able to have intercourse, other than talking about hormone balance/imbalance it's quite vague on that  part. Reason I asked. I did do some research myself. This a rare thing, I can't find much on it really. He's very worried about his wife. I told them there are other ways to enjoy sex, lol. I told him to stay calm for now. I just pray he gets thru this type of head/brain surgery.

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I don't see how a dog bite can lead to a pituitary gland being removed. The pituitary gland is in the brain. 

the pituitary gland secretes a hormone which tell the testicles to produce testosterone. 

so, without pituitary, he will need his testosterone replaced. So, he can still have sex. 

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With all due respect I did mention in my additional details, that the pituitary gland is in the brain, and the infection from the dog bite is what lead to this very unfortunate infection involving his pituitary gland. 

Pasteurella mutocida and pasteurell canis are bacterial organisms that lives in the months of dogs. When passed to humans through a bite it can lead to serious infection. 

My friend thought he could treat himself on his own after the dog bite. He soon started to get serious headaches and other symptoms because he left the dog bite unattended when he should have seek medical treatment immediately (strong antibiotics for one). This poor lapse in judgement cause the infection to spread his brain that eventually attacked his pituitary gland and surrounding internal areas. 

For those who don't know, such as yourself, a dog bite left untreated can cause very serious medical problems. An infection can develop as quick as 24 hours.

As far as, your other assumption,  he will need the guidance of a pituitary specialist, an Endocrinologist, to ensure he has all the necessary hormones that would function as the pituitary gland would naturally for the rest of his life. Otherwise fatal. Yes, that would include testosterone. He doesn't know how all this will affect his life or love life yet. My advice  t him is to talk to his Dr regarding all concerns.

I was hoping to find someone who may have had a similar experience. No guessing.

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Dear pituitary gland has nothing to do with erecting and intercourse. Although, it is a very important master endocrine gland, but without it erecting is not hampered, let alone the intercourse. Sexual desires are originated in separate parts of the brain. Parasympathetic system, as a whole, is responsible for erecting and sympathetic system for ejaculation. The Para and Sympathetic system neurons supplying the penis for erecting and hence ejaculation are all located in the lumbar area of the Spinal cord. If that area is intact, nothing can come between a well deserved desire.

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The pituitary gland makes a hormone that stimulates the testis to make testosterone. So, although it may not at first seem connected, a head injury, and removal of the pituitary gland can in fact lead to Erectile Dysfunction.

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