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Which are other religions which do not recognize an almighty God responsible for creation. maintenance and destruction of  everything in the universe 

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5 Answers

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Not everyone is fortunate enough to know the love of the Flying Spaghetti Monster! Can I get a “Ramen!”? 
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I believe they believe in Almighty Buddha to be more concise.

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Buddhism has no existence of God as most know as Christianity. There's no concept of sin, heaven or hell. Though both Buddhism and Christianity are about ethical living, with love and compassion towards others.

As for others religions, I cannot answer that.

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When I was young it was explained to me like this.

Imagine God is sitting on top of a mountain and all around the Mountain are all the different faiths climbing towards Him. 

I guess its not a bad explanation 

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It's a funny word believe. Because right in the middle of the word you'll find a lie.


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There's a reason behind that..the word belief is from the word 'belie' which means to know. To 'belie' was to know whether something was a lie, (or if it were true). This was actually question on Yahoo Answer years ago. Someone asked a similar question while pointing out that 'lie' in the middle of believe. It was SandyGirl who answered it, lol. I never forgot it. I followed SandyGirl for years for her answers, and her sports savvy.


  1. "his lively, alert manner belied his years"

Thanks. It was also used by U2 on their Zoo TV tour. Big fan. SandyGirl knows her stuff, like a few others on here.


I'm a big fan of the Irish band U2 too. A big fan of SandyGirl as well. 

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