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The Road to The Breeders` Cup
Alfred G. Vanderbilt H.
Saratoga / Sat. July 31,2021

6 furlongs / Open  / 3 Year Olds And Up  / G1 Stakes / Purse: $350,000
Surface: Dirt / Race 8  / Post:5:03 PM Est. / TV: TVG

PP / Horse / Jockey / Trainer /
1.Lexitonian J. Lezcano 118 Lbs J. Sisterson  20-1 
2.Mischevious Alex I. Ortiz, Jr. 124 Lbs S. Joseph, Jr.  2-1 
3.Firenze Fire J. Ortiz 122 Lbs K. Breen  3-1 
4.Strike Power T. Gaffalione 118 Lbs S. Asmussen  15-1 
5.Three Technique M. Franco 117 Lbs J. Englehart  15-1
6.Whitmore R. Santana, Jr. 123 Lbs R. Moquett  4-1 
7.Miles Ahead L. Saez 118 Lbs G. Arnold, II  12-1 
8.Montauk Traffic E. Cancel 117 Lbs L. Rice  15-1 
9.Special Reserve J. Rosario 119 Lbs M. Maker  9/2 

Brisnet PP`s / Montauk Traffic  / Race 8
*** Rules***
To Qualify for Best Answer Select:
One Horse to Win
One Horse to Place
One Horse to Show
Both Name and Number of the Selection is a Must.
You can list up to 3 Alternative Selections in Case of Scratches ( Optional )

***Best Answer***
Priority # 1 - A Cold Trifecta
Priority # 2 - A Cold Exacta
Priority # 3 - A Win
Priority # 4 - A Trifecta Box
Priority # 5 - An Exacta Box


***Best Answer Scores**
No Wins or Exoctics
All go to The Point System
We have a 4 way BEST ANSWER Dead- Heat
Blue Jay - 14 - Ist to post( I had the advantage )
Lady4u - 14 - 2nd to post
ponygirl - 14
Sam - 14
JSC ~ aka ~ Joe - 13 - Runner Up

***Video Replay***
Lextonian Upsets Alfred G. Vanderbilt at 34-1

in Sports by (89,090 points)

5 Answers

+4 votes
Best answer

Win (3) Firenze Fire 

Place  (2) Mischievous Alex

Show (6) Whitmore


(9) Special Reserve

(5) Three Technique 

(4) Strike Power

by (807,880 points)

Congratulations to
Our Alfred G. Vanderbilt Handicapping Champions!
and to JSC ~ aka ~ Joe as Runner Up!


Congrats to all of us!! Wish I had that superfecta!! So proud of Whitmore!!! 


Whitmore won the BC Sprint last year! and is now 8 yrs old and seems to be on the decline.

This great horse should be retired.

I don't think there's ever been a quad dead heat in flat racing. I think the record is a triple dead heat at Aqueduct. 
Congratulations Lad4u, Blue Jay, ponygirl, SAM I am. Even JSC hit the board with HM. 
Thanks for hosting Blue Jay.

I'm proud of Whitmore too. He was my win pick ponygirl. I think they will soon retire him. It would have been nice if he went out with a win at the spa.


If he retired, I would miss him, Blue Jay!! He is still making money but I pray when it is time, he will be retired while still sound! 


He still might, Sam!! You never know!! 


Wrong Sam! I happened to be at Turfway Park 1n1973 ( Then known as Latonia Racecourse ) When 3 horses CELESTE, QUIPID and BOB TWINKLETOES ended in a Triple Dead-heat in an Alw race. 2 weeks later they were entered in a 3 horse match race to see who was best. Bob Twinkletoes the longest shot of the 3 Won.


A Message from SandyGirl !

My Friend!

How are YOU? So, do you miss me yet? Lol!

Things have been beyond (crazy) busy. As expected I don't have a lot of free time, as I was hoping to write you well before this. Internet is still evolving with the necessary upgrade here which is still affecting
many around the lake,  still intermittently. Making phone calls is OK, but not always practical. Also, there was a serious unfortunate accident that involved two of my stable hands last week.
One broke his femur literally in half during an exercising riding incident. He had to have emergency surgery where Drs put in a rod and pins in order to put his leg back in place to correct his entire leg. Tragic!!!!
The other has a head and back injury and is in traction. Both are pretty darn banged up and beyond sore. Both are still in Glen Falls Hospital, they are improving with the pondering of transporting them back
closing to home in arehab. Needless to say this has complicated running things smoothly. However, the most important thing is their full recovery and helping them get transported. So,  beside that I plan a
return before the start and all during week 6 of the Saratoga meet, then I will go back to the SPA for week 7 and stay until the end of meet, actually to mid September to close out everything here. I have some
 important stuff to take care of as said which warrants my week return. I will check on you and Answerology during that week of my return,  well before going back. I miss you, and the others very much.
I know you're doing an outstanding job as always as Dr CEO, lol. I'm currently at a coffee shop were they have free wifi, so I'm taking advantage of that. I'm going to have lunch soon down the street soon that has
a good wifi system/connection before I go to the track today. I will check for your reply before I leave for track. Take care James, and say Hi to our fellow followers and friends for me. Thank you!



We both are correct Blue Jay! Thank you for your info. See below link for info on the Aqueduct triple dead heat.


I hope so ponygirl, he's an amazing racehorse.


Hi SandyGirl! You are missed!

Sorry about your stable hands SandyGirl, wishing them both a quick recovery.


Thanks Sam !


Congrats to all! Thx for hosting Blue Jay.

Great to hear from you SandyGirl. Thx for posting Blue Jay. If you read this SandyGirl, here's a get well quick wish to your friendly stable hands.

You are welcome on both counts Joe!

+3 votes

The Blue Jay Factor
Win ( 2 ) Mischievous Alex
Plc ( 3 ) Firenze Fire
Shw ( 6  ) Whitmore
( 9 ) Special Reserve
( 4 ) Strike Power
( 5 ) Three Technique

"May the Horse be with You"

by (89,090 points)
+3 votes

3/ Firenze Fire

2/ Mischievous Alex

8/ Montauk Traffic


6/ Whitmore

9/ Special Reserve ( Love my Special Reserve Crown Royal on the Rocks, lol)

5/ Three Technique

by (54,310 points)
+3 votes

W  3 Firenze Fire

P  6 Whitmore

S  2 Mischievous Alex

Alt  1 Lexitonian

by (17,500 points)
+3 votes

6. Whitmore

3. Firenze Fire

2. Mischievous Alex


9. Special Reserve

8. Montauk Traffic

7. Miles Ahead

by (41,800 points)
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