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Or a destination after hell or    what else

in Religion by (3,550 points)

11 Answers

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There is no after HEAVEN Or hell !

Both is ETERNAL !!

by (246,520 points)
+3 votes

Yes. But only if you've been good.

by (4,272,481 points)
+2 votes

Is there a hell? I mean I know the devil is out there making work for our idle hands but seriously, a boiling pit of fire? It seems to me all you have to do is accept Christ into your life and you're on the golden stairs.

So you can go around serial killing till you're caught, accept christ and off you trot, heaven bound.

Isn't it just as likely that you don't die, you just  move onto a different dimension where all your loved ones are waiting for you. Or when it's over its over?

One thing we all know for sure, noone is coming back to tell us 

by (3,115,570 points)

The following below is not in stone, but it is my personal beliefs! 

Snap forgiveness from God is what many people think happens. I don't think we will get such an easy way out by any means. There's a lot of work to do before us sinners reach that very high plateau of placing our foot on the first step of those golden stairs. Bottom line there's much to do before reaching our final destination. We are all sinners some worse than others. I have a feeling it's not going to be easy at all. Hell's, metaphor is a fiery dark evil place. In other words it's a not so pleasant grave of punishment. We are taught there is no sin God will not forgive, but there is indeed one. The greatest unforgiveable sin is for those who don't believe. Not believing is the ultimate sin. It is clear that we will face a lot before we are forgiven, that is what the fear of God is all about. People today go around thinking they can sin and keep sinning because they believe. While going to church is just a very small part of it. It's the work we put in that counts. If you're sorry for a sin or sins, you just can't keep repeating it, you have to be truly sorry by never repeating it, or do the very best you can not to repeat. There is so much to know, and so much that we don't know. While it's true no one has come back to tell us, there is a book that explains it all it metaphoric detail, and that book is called the Bible. Regardless, I have a feeling we'll all be OK. Keep your happy dancing shoes on Glasgowbelle, dance, dance, dance, lol.


If you believe in the Devil, then you believe in GOD!

You cannot have one without the other.



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    What I was taught, as a Jesus follower, when one dies they go to heaven to be with the Lord. However, Heaven is not our ultimate destination, it's simply a holding place, until the final resurrection. At the final resurrection God will remake our physical bodies where we will then live in the ultimate destination which is God's recreation of a new heaven and new earth. The meek and humble shall inherit the new earth while the chosen few will serve/rule with him in heaven.
by (61,490 points)

Well put Joe ! I See you in HEAVEN !


Here again we have my AOR paradox where I say something similar to other posters . Must be my perfume


There's nothing wrong with what you asked or said. Once you put it out there though anything goes, lol.


I second that..

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We're not smart enough to know.  Anybody who tries to tell you different is really just speculating.  People have faiths in several different versions but faith isn't fact.

by (1,001,980 points)
+2 votes

I second what grinandbareit said. Nobody knows. They just think they do. 

by (2,503,630 points)

The Bible clearly says I'm going to Heaven. Just sayin'.

+1 vote

I certainly hope so. There are several "levels" of Heaven, as stated indirectly in the Bible. It says in Genesis, "God created the Heavens", which to me sounds as if there are several other levels of Heaven. Another clue is where it says in Revelations, 19:17, "...birds that fly in the midst of Heaven..."  

by (1,251,750 points)
+1 vote


Some believe in hell.  There is no easy score card showing if you are going to heaven or hell.  Let's say that the pope might be going to heaven.  But how about the pedophile priests.  Overall good work, but sexually abusing children seems a big sin.  Forgiven?  If they get in heaven, I am a shoo in.  Not that I want to be there with those assholes.

I sort of like reincarnation and enlightenment.  You were a white sexual predator, come back as a colored woman.  See how you do.  The idea is that you keep returning until you learn something and everything, become enlightened and stay with god.  Unless you are the asshole trump.  Then it is straight to his own personal hell.

Judging by the population increase, not many souls are moving on.  Hahaha

I also like the idea of just moving on, where I can be with things or people that made me happy.  I look forward to seeing my dogs again.

by (1,610,710 points)
+2 votes

I have to say  that heaven is the destination after hell. We must put on our work boots and go through hell before we get to heaven. None of us are naturally worthy. 

by (125,260 points)
+2 votes

Some believe Hell is on earth since Lucifer rules it. Some believe there is no afterlife, it's reincarnation. 

Me personally? I do believe in God and I do believe I'll see Him when my appointment time arrives. After that, nobody truly knows. I know I don't 

by (1,233,410 points)
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'life beyond' and all of it's elements ('god', 'soul',  'heaven' etc.), is all just a fabrication of the human conscious-mind, simply because accepting the finality of death is too uncomfortable (difficult) to comprehend (for most anyways).

by (29,260 points)
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