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+5 votes

My wound has healed and I can move onto the next step of the journey. Its been a long road with the infection which started 25 June, but I'm happy to say it's gone.

Yeeass, I've not got the patience for cancer, I just want to get on with it. No more delays.

Happy dancing.. 

in Diet and Health by (3,037,750 points)

8 Answers

+3 votes

GB, good to hear. May your progress continue.

by (4,075,441 points)
+3 votes

Exceptional news! I wish you peace and a long happy life, cancer free!

by (54,310 points)
+4 votes

Congrats, Belle!  We celebrate with you!

by (832,960 points)
+3 votes

That is excellent news, GB, I’m so glad to hear it. You keep doing what you’re doing, staying positive and following your doctors’ orders. You can beat this - I have no doubt. 

by (2,463,720 points)
+2 votes

I'm so happy to hear that news, Belle. You can celebrate now. Do they allow you a little vino afterwards or is that now allowed?  Cheers to you, God bless. 

by (1,102,560 points)

No I'm abstaining. No wine till its over. 


You're super strong and I know you'll get through this. :)

+2 votes

Great news! Praying for complete restoration of health

by (1,199,140 points)
+3 votes

I have no doubt you can beat Cancer if anyone can! You are spunky and a fighter! That’s the kind of spirit you need for the long run! Keep up your strength with proper nutrition and following Dr’s orders. You got this!

by (807,880 points)
+2 votes

GB best of luck, if anyone can beat cancer you can

by (2,901,960 points)
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