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And what about bed linen

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4 Answers

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I don't wear dresses but I only wear my clothes for 1 day. There are exceptions like outdoor jackets which I get cleaned as required.

In the summer I change my bed 1 to 3 times, and once a week in winter. 

The summers in Scotland don't reach the soaring temperatures seen in other countries but it gets too hot and sweaty for me.

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It depends on how dirty the dress got. Normally I wear dresses on special occasions. If it got soiled from food, I will wash it or have it dry cleaned. If not I can wear that dress two more times. 

   Bed linen (sheets) are changed every two weeks. Bedspreads every other month or so as those don’t get that dirty. 

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Let's just say I'm not big on doing laundry. I'm also a man.

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I wear dresses almost every day.  I love them being fresh and clean, so never wear one dress twice without washing it.

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