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+2 votes

I'll eat almost anything. 

in Friendship by (3,037,750 points)

7 Answers

+2 votes

Leftovers.  Italian sausage with peppers and rigatoni.  In a red tomato sauce of course..  Reapberries, fresh from the garden, and cream for desert.  Interested.  We have plenty.

by (1,554,070 points)
+2 votes

Milk and butter, that's it. Good luck.

by (4,075,441 points)

Spoiled for choice lol

+1 vote

Meat Loaf / Brown gravy / Mashed potatoes / Pinto Beans / Creamed peas / Banana pudding and Iced tea.

by (89,090 points)
+1 vote

Smirnoff ice black cherry. 

Want one?

by (45,820 points)
+2 votes

Pulled pork, baked beans, roasted potatoes, coleslaw and maybe brown bread. 

by (688,410 points)
+1 vote

Fun question! I have Asian hotpot (a soup base with vegetables), some babaganoush, marinated salmon, and soba noodles. All homemade except for the soba noodles. 

by (1,102,560 points)
+2 votes

I cooked a Turkey Breast on my grill yesterday, I have enough for Turkey sandwiches to share on a nice roll!

by (54,310 points)
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