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5 Answers

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Yes, we call it Direct Debit. I have literally just checked they are all paid before I logged in and saw your post.

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Some of them. However, I login to my account each month and pay by faster payment for most.

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Nope,I have them set to AutoDelay.

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Just my mortgage and my automobile payments because those payments don't change. The others I pay by scheduling online. Reason for that is because they fluctuate too much. If not paying attention to the increases that can pose a problem. Beside I found plenty of errors on my bills way often too. They make millions on billing errors, and it never benefits the customer, lol. Many people don't pay attention to that and over pay without realizing it.

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Yes.  At least the majority of the reoccurring one.  Power, garbage, insurance, credit cards, etc.  Anybody who gives me a discount for being on autopay.  It makes traveling easier.

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