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If you are an atheist what are your arguments that God does not exist

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7 Answers

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Intelligent design is a good one. I'm guessing no-one has 100% proof.

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"I don't think all the amazing things that make up our world is by a random chance. I think one must prove that God does not exist first. The proof he does is all around us. What is proven is that the more that scientist discover about life the less likely it appears it could arise by chance. It's no different than when we ask which came first the chicken or the egg? This idiomatic expression is used when it is not clear who or what caused something. What we do know is something has to be the cause of something else." *

*Answer credit goes to a wise girl who wised me up, and is the reason I now believe. I was once a serious skeptic  because of it's complexity. I was certain God did not exist even though I knew nothing. I refused to see what I now see. She knows who she is, she is also a member here on AR.

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Great Answer Joe!

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I have no proof that god does not exist. I have no proof that unicorns and elves do not exist. I have no proof that Zeus, Zoroaster, Quetzalcoatl and Bugs Bunny do not exist. But I still don’t believe in any of them. 

There is a complete and utter lack of logic in the idea that “Life is amazing and the universe is awesome, therefore the Judeo-Christian god must be real.” That is faith, not evidence, and faith is an opinion, not proof. 

The burden of proof should fall on those who say their god exists, not on those who say he doesn’t. 

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Whether one believe in God or not is ones choice!

What I don't understand is when people say that the belief in God is like the belief in the tooth fair, Santa Claus, unicorn, elves, etc.. this is one of worst misguided comparisons. It's a philosophical blunder if you will. Sincerely, these cases couldn't be more different, we have good reasons for thinking tooth fairies, elves and unicorns don't exist, for goodness sake, lol. On the other hand we can silently believe what we want and not have to prove a thing. You can believe in God, many Gods, no God, or that the moon is a slice of swiss cheese. It's when you want someone else to believe it that's when it becomes another matter. There's things that make sense just as there are things that don't make sense. When making a claim make sure you don't sound ridiculous like comparing a God made universe with Santa Claus. 

For those of you who took the time to truly study the Bible, I applaud you. On the other hand, those of you who are the simple and hostile antagonists of the world, you have no idea what you are talking or arguing against, because you refuse to seek the knowledge that you so passionately oppose.

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The whole purpose of religion is to spread the word. In other words, shove it down people's throat.


Lol! Right! That shove goes both ways these days! Non-believers can be just as annoying!


I'm guessing there's significantly more people out to get you to believe than not. Think Jehovah and door knocking.


A good guess. Haven't seen may JW lately, probably due to covid! Religion and politics, smh!


lol I've had religious nutters approach me in the middle of the street. Wanting me to follow them back to their church.


That's def nutters. The world is a crazy place.


The job coach took the view these people are brave approaching people in the street as they will get some not good responses. The spin doctors are everywhere.

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I no longer debate it. Your beliefs are yours. 

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Descartes proved god/God exists in the following statement, followed be the following assertion

A. I think therefore I am.  To think one must have an existance with some other force/being

Using a 2 plane axis:

B. Is god/God Omnipotent? On a scale of 1-10:  0 not at all, 10 always

C, Is god/God Omnipresent ? On a scale of 1-10:  0 not at all, 10 always

Therein lies you answer, god or something similar does exist.  Descartes Mathematical Proof.

Now Atheist to Fundamentalist regardless of religious sect your arguments are correct.

Math and logic are wonderful are they not

by (2,906,320 points)
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When I look at the beauty and landscape of this earth, as well as miracles that I have seen happen, I have the sense to know that the earth did not create itself, nor anything else that exists on it. It did not just happen by itself, no matter what the scientists think or theorize. There are too many instances of things that have happened to me and to many friends that say that something else greater than ourselves exists in this world. To me, that is God. To deny He exists is just something I cannot accept.  I don't have to force others to believe either, it is their choice whether to or not. But I would rather have faith that something more powerful than us does exist, rather than to believe we are in this world and universe alone without guidance or any kind of spirituality in us. To do that would make me feel depressed, to say the least. That is why I believe there is a God. 

by (1,251,750 points)

Nice answer, I feel the same.


Yes. I dont even like to question the existence of God. But I don't shove it down people's throats that God exists, and I also say to the skeptics, prove He DOESN't exist. 

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