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8 Answers

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Princess Diana. Pure class.

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ANN-MARGRET / When she appeared in BUS RILEY`S BACK IN TOWN ( 1965)

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Celebrities, Audrey Hepburn. In real life my mate from my army days, she was from Wales and was a traffic stopper but wild wild wild, she got me up to all kinds of mischief.

I know and met lots of beautiful woman but this girl was a whole new level.

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I think Audrey Hepburn was beautiful inside and out. Her ideas on humanity and helping mankind made her even more beautiful. 

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Besides my wife, I have to say Suzanne Pleshette, though I have found many old Hollywood women stunning. Younger Suzanne and my wife looked a lot like, of course, back in the day. Especially in this picture.

Rick's Real/Reel Life: Suzanne Pleshette: "Next Liz Taylor" Became TV's  Cool Comedienne

by (46,480 points)

I remember she was in that show with Bob Newhart, and I thought she was beautiful as well. 


Her real life husband (Tom Poston ) also played on the Bob Newhart show. He was the Janitor.


Yes! Not to many people know that, good for you Blue Jay.

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Besides my partner, take a walk from Wien Mitte to the Hofburg on a hot Saturday, you will be amazed.  Too many to choose from, and picking just one would be a crime.

Now on Sundays hit the FKK area on the Southern p[iece of the Insel,  Nuff said

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Moon Chae-won

by (1,320 points)
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I love my wife.

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