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If you decide to accept this challenge, if not this message will self destruct in 5 mins;-)

I have left over chicken breast, prawns, asparagus and rice.( not leftovers).

I have most spices and some natural Greek yogurt.

Ideas for a tasty dinner please.



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3 Answers

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I would cook the rice along with the chicken and prawns and some paprika and spices (garlic, minced onion, slat and pepper) in the rice in a cast iron pan or something similar. 

     Brown the seasoned chicken and prawns some olive oil using the same pan you'll cook everything. Turn chicken over to cook both sides until browned. Once browned, add some white wine if you have it and turn up heat. Add the rice, water (or chicken stock)  to cover the chicken and prawns halfway and the asparagus. Season again to taste, and cover on low heat until rice is done. Have the yogurt for dessert with some honey. 

   Bon appetite!

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I cooked noodles with veg and the prawns in a wok with garlic, ginger, onions and Chinese spices. It was really good.

The dogs got the chicken.


Now, that sounds like something I would make. I love making Asian meals. Today its Italian for me, Im making something with eggplant. 


I'm in Amy, lol. I love eggplant.


I made eggplant with a garlic sauce. I steamed the salted eggplant to prevent it from browning, and then added it to lots of garlic, red peppers and onions. I love eggplant too. :)


Hmm I'll try that, we call it Aubergine. When I was in Italy the woman I worked for made omelette adding the flower of the egg plant . Nope not for me thanks  it tasted exactly how  you think it would taste 


Sounds delicious, Amy. I love eggplant period. Grilled, parmigiana, stewed with tomatoes, fried, with sauce or without sauce, with cheese, without cheese, pickled, with garlic sauce sounds great! You name it eggplant is one of my favorite dishes. I just had a great eggplant sandwich on hard crusty roll.


I just made some eggplant as an omelette, with potatoes and red peppers. Yummy

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Love the challenge.

Cut the chicken in small pieces.

If you have onion, dice some as well

Cook the rice in chicken broth with onion, ginger and peppers. 20 minutes or there or there about.

At the 13 minute mark put in the prans with some Soy Sauce.

Serve hot in bowls

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Order a pizza? 

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With pineapple?


Easy out JPT, pizza for the most part is not part of my menu planning.

That said the Twins do like it.  Have been doing Flatbreads with simple ingredients:

Tomato Sauce



Protien, the Twins love teriaki soaked Tofu with hot pepper flakes  - go figure.  Their secongd fav is Chiken Chunks marinated in dry white wine and Basil overnight on a pesto sauce Flatbread.

Again go figure

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