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A girl who is dating another guy gave me her number at the bar after we talk and agreed to do something. The other guy arrived and we had a discussion and I was drunk. She has my number but it has not looked for me since then. Should I look for her, I have her number? I liked her a lot

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6 Answers

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Do you really want to get involved with a girl who is cheating on her current boo? What makes you think she wouldn’t cheat on you too? 

There are millions of nice single girls in the world - go find one who’s available and not sneaking you her number while her current boyfriend isn’t looking. 

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Bro i KNOW that it is bad. I tend to respect the bro code. But it is ultra hot and is a foreigner, I am not gonna tell the nationality. I almost fought with the guy that day. Is just that it is so hot. But you are right man it is not right.

Thinking not in a long term relationship, Would not you still do it if you had the chance? 


forget it you are right


JPT in the younger world they are still experimenting. A call and a coffee is at least good for a laugh.  Remember:

Those who dare succeed.

I would have at least called to test her game.  Probably would not sleep with her even if offered.  Players rules, seriously

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lol I like her a lot. I agree with JPT.

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Think about what you just asked? 
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IF... and that's a big IF... the people in your age group and in your social circle operate under the "if I'm dating someone, no one else should date her" then NO.

IF... the general attitude is "I'm single, and I don't mind dating around until I find someone I can be serious about..."  Then go ahead and ask her out.

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You can give her a call, but if she says she isn’t interested, I wouldn’t be too surprised. You were drunk and that’s probably a turnoff for her.She might have even given you a wrong number. 

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Give her a brief call, then you will have an answer.  Do remember to be casual hand have your A game playing

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