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You may of heard about it since it's all over the news.

Yes it's a horrible tragedy BUT they were all grown men over the age of 30.

They knew the risks and didn't take precautions. 

They grew up on farm life.  

All they had to do was wear a damn respirator. Sorry if I'm coming off as an asshole.    

Now several children will grow up without a father.  

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5 Answers

+4 votes

I agree! It's overwhelming how many people are like that, they go along feeling it won't happen to them. As you stated, a simple life saving solution as wearing a N95 respirator mask is all they had to do too, how sad.

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+1 vote

Did not hear about this. 

Now the manure pits on the large corporate farms a notoriously dangerous.  I will assume Hog or Cattle and a large concrete holding pit which they were trying to drain.  Respirators and/or Oxygen are a necessity has been known since I was a kid.

Sounds like Darwin was working on these three

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Hog farms, these guys should have known.  No sympathy on my part

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Wait a wee minute, I got to 60 without knowing that shit could kill. Is it methane? 

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The four main gases produced from decomposing manure are hydrogen sulfide, methane, ammonia, and carbon dioxide. In high concentrations, each of these gases may pose a health threat to humans and livestock (see Table 1). In swine housing facilities, where the manure pit is often located below the facility floor, these gases are generally detectable in low concentrations throughout the year. When pits are agitated for pumping, some or all of these gases are rapidly released from the manure a d may reach toxic levels or displace oxygen, increasing the risk to humans and livestock.


Right, they don't call it waste for nothing.


Thanks for that tidbit of info, Manman. 

+1 vote

Well, they took a chance and blew it. I would have always worn a respirator for that job! Whats a way to go, it's pitiful but it could have been prevented.

Where I grew up in NYC, there was a wine brewery that had two men fall into a tank of wine (I have no idea what it was but I just heard from it from my older brother and sister) and they drowned. I hope they died happy (pardon the humor in that tragedy!)

by (1,212,250 points)
+1 vote

Stupidity at it's best!

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