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I like the home cooking of Pennsylvania Dutch people. And so here is my favorite food traveler showing you a place that I am adding to my bucket list on places to visit and eat at.  A little far for me to travel, but I can do it. 

  I wonder if Media has been here being he's own PA. 

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My last job was in northern maryland, and a few blocks from where I was living, the dutch had a store that was open on saturday.  You could buy fresh produce, pretzels, furniture, home good, etc.  And of course fried chicken, potato salad, etc.  I always went for the produce, ate lunch and bought enough for dinner that night.  

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The Amish are all over the states, it seems. I was always interested in the way they live and have noticed they are so hospitable. I know they dont like it (neither would I) to be stared at, etc. and I tried not to but I couldn't help but look at them as they went by on the horse buggies.I loved their food, including shoofly pie. 


The funny clothing and 1800 hairdos are hard to ignore.  Everyone was nice though.  I got used to them after a while though.  

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