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my 2 old email accounts have a total of 7773 non work related junk.  how much junk do you have ?

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6 Answers

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About 400 emails. Anything older than 30 days gets deleted automatically in the bin folder. I screen all emails as they come in.

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Yahoo spam folder has 82 emails.  

by (45,820 points)
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Since I have a junk email account, haven't checked it months.  Probably of 3K

by (2,901,960 points)
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I have about 1500 at any given time.  But I have no spam filter. 

by (1,554,070 points)
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I'm embarrassed to say I have about 4000 or so. Most are junk. Im afraid to delete anything that may be important or I might need in the future, so one day when I'm bored I will slowly get rid of what I dont need. In the meantime, I am canceling or unsubscribing from the new ones I am getting. 

   PS. Just looked, and I have over 11,000. Wow, too many. 

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In my trunk? The way my wife grabs it, trash day can't come soon enough

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