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+4 votes
in Just For Fun by (15,090 points)

5 Answers

+4 votes

Good for a laugh. The amount of food that goes to waste every day is not funny though.

by (4,075,441 points)

So true.  

+4 votes

I like pies more than I do cakes, so I find it a tragedy although I really hate to waste food anyway!

by (1,102,560 points)

I'm more of a pie person as well.  It's just hard to know most of the time when someone will be taking a pie to the face. Maybe this warrants always having a cake on hand as a suggested replacement. 


Don't tell Blue, but I always thought fruit pies were better. Blueberry and raspberry among my favs.


I'm a cherry pie fanatic. 

+4 votes

It's more fun to gesture the idea of throwing a pie in ones face, rather than actually throwing the pie. Then eat the pie! Why waist the pie? Have your fun and eat it too, lol!

( Apple or Strawberry Rhubarb Pie are my favorites with a scoop of vanilla ice cream :)

by (115,130 points)

Arguably eating the pie is waisting the pie because that is where it typically goes. 


My argument would be food that was not used for its intended purpose is wasted food, lol. But, I get your waisted point, lol. It definitely goes straight to the waist if you don't keep moving. :)

Ha! Noted waist instead of waste in my answer. I can thank my spell check for that. I find it often brings fun to the conversation like this one. Therefore, I will not correct. 

+2 votes

I have heard that using custard is MUCH funnier...

by (832,960 points)

Whatever happened to our Custardgirl? 

Is there a story behind this custardgirl? 
+2 votes

It is both hilarious and tragic. 

by (2,463,720 points)
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