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I just made some chicken/vegetable soup. It does wonders for colds. What I thought were allergies seems more like a cold now. I also ordered wonton soup in case I run out and can always have it tomorrow.

in Diet and Health by (1,102,560 points)

6 Answers

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Not a single thing today I have to confess.  I stepped out for lunch and picking up pizza and wings for dinner.  

by (15,090 points)

That is common on a Friday! Sounds good. Its won ton soup for me tonight.


Hope you feel better. 



+1 vote

Not a thing today.  We are packing up for a trip.

Yesterday, though, I baked a couple of loaves of Amish White Bread.  We now have five frozen loaves plus about 11 dozen of my special chocolate chip cookies to take with us.  Should last most of the trip....

by (832,960 points)

Nice! You have made the most of your summer with you trips, Media. Have fun and be safe wherever you are going. 

+1 vote

I'm late but yesterday I made a basic tomato sauce and added quorn pieces as I've gone off meat. I had it with cauliflower rice and there was enough to freeze for another day.

Today I'm having plant based shawarma with pita bread. Which is unbelievably good, ill have some sweet chilli sauce with it.

Oh I cant wait lol.

by (3,037,750 points)

That sounds very healthy. I salute you--you sound like you're eating what my daughters eat. :D

+1 vote

Nothing today. I made spaghetti sauce the other day and now I'm canning it to put up in preparation of hurricane season and potential power loss/ nights I don't feel like cooking because we've run through my stash. 

by (688,410 points)

I always like the homemade sauces better than store-bought--and its because they ARE better. Good for you. 

   Good luck with the hurricane, and I hope all goes well with you and yours. 

+1 vote

I'm cooking various food products in the form of a meal. Can't go into details. Top Secret.

by (4,075,441 points)

I won't tell a soul. 


Ok. Spanish Omelette. Potatoes, Peppers, Mushrooms, Cheese. Followed by, you guessed it, cake.



+1 vote

Baked chicken and mixed veggies. Wife and I are eating clean. 

by (1,199,140 points)

Glad to hear, King. 


It sucks. I want fried shit

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