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Shouldn’t he have a checklist of medications that are disqualified from using? Wouldn’t that be horse training 101? Or am I mistaken!

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5 Answers

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Neigh! I don't buy his story!

Bob Baffert is no rookie, and he knows very well what is allowed and what is NOT. As an advocate (for many years), in all aspects of safety regarding these amazing equine athletes, I enforce rules. I believe a clean sport is not only good business, it is good for business. Therefore, any trainer who is caught using drugs, of any kind, should be banned and never allowed back into the sport period. Every state is different though, making the enforcement of laws more difficult in some states than others, but make no mistake we are getting there. Race horses deserve to be treated with the utmost care, and respect for many reason, but mostly because they don't have any choice in the matter. We can't fault the entire industry for a few that don't do the right thing. But we can fault those few who do. There's more people who care than don't. Those who truly care (like me) police the industry. We continue to make BIG strides too, pun intended. Advocates like myself have made it our passion in life to do so. Many don't know that there's drug testing before and after each race, not only on the horses but on every jockey too. Drug testing results are not instant. Unfortunately, it does take awhile for full results, as it did with Medina Spirit. Regardless, the results of any wrong doing will eventually be known. There's no exception, nor is there any excuse accepted. Again, every trainer has a full detailed list of all medication that is allowed, and more important those that are not allowed. Whether allowed or not ALL trainers have to come forward to disclose all medications used on the horse(s) they train 14 days before each race. That's more than ample time to finish the task asked. If not, then there's consequences with any positive test result, with a full detailed criminal investigation to follow. Bottom line, it's a trainers job to know all the rules. If guilty of drug use, of any kind, the rules clearly justifies the consequences, in time that will mean a lifetime ban.

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Thanks for a great description of what’s expected of the horse trainers and jockeys, SandyGirl!


@lady4u- You're more than welcome! Thank you for BA!

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You can never have too many drugs.

by (4,075,441 points)

Trump thinks you should have the right to try horse tranquilizers. Sounds like a plan!  : - )))

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NEIGH! He has a check list . He just thought he wouldn`t get caught. He should be banned from horse racing for life . IMO.

The 2021-22 Road to the Kentucky Derby will begin Sept. 18, but horses trained by Bob Baffert who has won the most editions of the Run for the Roses
will not be eligible to receive the qualifying points awarded by participation in those races toward a spot in the Kentucky Derby (G1) starting gate, Churchill Downs Inc. announced Sept. 10.

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Correct! And, the decision we were looking for! 

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Neigh! Neigh! Neigh! I once had a lot of respected Baffert. No more, fifth failed drug test for his horses in just less than a year and a half cancelled my respect. 

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Failed 5 drug tests? Unbelievable! I had no idea it was that prevalent with this trainer, in particular!


I can't express how shocking and disappointing this was for all of us, lady4u. Baffert has fallen from one of the best trainers of all time. His poor judgment has scarred him for life. Unfortunately, he needlessly got desperate (greedy) for reasons unknown. He needs to come forward with the truth. The fact that he continues to deny any wrong doing is hurting him more. He's under a full (ongoing) criminal investigation. Baffert is currently charged with detrimental conduct, he has hearing with the New York Racing Association on September 27th.

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You said it lady4u it's part of horse training 101! What huge disappointment. Baffert was one of the best trainers of the past too. He suddenly got desperate.

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