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4 Answers

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Can’t believe it has been 20 years. The day it happened is still such a vivid memory. And no I don’t see Biden achieving unity. 

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Here's to all the 9/11 victims and their family members as we proceed with another "Tribute in Light" in their honor.

"Unity" is definitely a TALL order for Biden.  However, it is the promise Biden made, and it is his job as president to try. At this point the effort put forth is all we can hope for. Full unity is not likely to happen, but hopefully there will be more cooperation going forward. 

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Unity is over rated.  The previous guy almost had unity.  Everyone hated him.  But he proved that a rabid  band of followers are enough.  The dedicated minority can crush the will of the majority.  What Biden really needs to do is wind up his own band of rabid followers.

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 I remember the day so well, as if it was yesterday. I dont think we can ever with our grieving in some way. And that's just us--imagine the families who have suffered through these years with the memories of those who had passed. 

About Biden--no, the country is too divided still, word has it there is talk of another uprising at the Capitol, so there is not hope for that. 

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