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Give a complete problem formulation for each of the following problems. Choose a formulation that is precise enough to be implemented. 

<!-- [if !supportLists] -->1.   <!-- [endif] -->There are six glass boxes in a row, each with a lock. Each of the first five boxes holds a key unlocking the next box in line; the last box holds a banana. You have the key to the first box, and you want the banana.

<!-- [if !supportLists] -->1.   <!-- [endif] -->A container ship is in port, loaded high with containers. There are 13 rows of containers, each 13 containers wide and 5 containers tall. You control a crane that can move to any location above the ship, pick up the container under it, and move it onto the dock. You want the ship unloaded.

<!-- [if !supportLists] -->1.   <!-- [endif] -->Your goal is to navigate a robot out of a maze. The robot starts in the center of the maze facing north. You can turn the robot to face north, east, south, or west. You can direct the robot to move forward a certain distance, although it will stop before hitting a wall.

In answering the questions, you may draw visual image to help you complete the problem formulation

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Yes, that's a problem. If there was only some way of learning how to solve it.

Life is what you make it.

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I hope someone can help me for this... it's stressful to search for the answer because all website need to subscribe and I cannot afford to pay that... it's drive me crazy

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I would suggest, then, that your consult (a) your textbook, (b) your classroom notes, (c) your fellow students from class.  Then either work on each one separately and individually, or join with a partner if your professor allows to come up with a fuller understanding.

The LAST thing I would suggest would be to hope that someone here will do the work FOR you.   NOT that you are actually doing that; but if you ARE, then see paragraph one.

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