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I want to keep my old one but create another one I can use for certain things. I have a Google account but want to make a new one that isn't filled with junk.  Anyone? 

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6 Answers

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Amy, there's actually no limit on the number of accounts you can have on Google. You can create new accounts. You can also link new accounts to your existing accounts so they can be easily manage and switch between the different accounts. However, you won't be able to create multiple accounts with the same email address and sign-in method. I suggest you just change up your email address a little bit. Google will let you know what username and password is taken or acceptable. There's a user name and password generator too online if you need one. I hope this helps.

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I have a business account, and my own personal account and one with my wife. SandyGirl answer is correct. I can manage them all easily.

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Just add +text to your gmail email address. For example no further work or set up required and both will land in

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OK, I will respond to all your answers here.  I did create a new account, a gmail one, and wrote to it using my regular gmail account I always use. However, my problem is, I dont know where I need to look for the new email in the new account. Is there a location I need to go to first to see the new mail in my new gmail account? (PS - I would like to keep the old account because family and friends have it.). Yours truly, Tech savvy- not , Amy

    Updated:  I did find the emails I sent to the new account, but I had to look where it says "search mail" under my regular account.  Is this what I have to do all the time to find the mail going to the new account?

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Sorry Amy I tried to cut and paste something for you, and it's not working. It's coming out all crazy. I try to find another way.

OK, hopefully this cut and past information below will work:

  1. To link accounts, log in to Gmail, select your profile icon > Add another account and enter the second Gmail address and password.
  2. To switch between accounts, select your profile icon and choose the other Gmail account.

Thanks Sam, I appreciate that. I think the #2 you wrote above is what I need to do. Thanks again. 

Thank you all for your help!!!


The problem I would have is you won't know if new mail has arrived in the second account unless you switch accounts. Which I would find annoying. Make the system work for you, not the other way round.


That's exactly what I mean, and so maybe I am still not understanding. Blue, I did create the new account with Amy+text, and never got that mail in my gmail account. I will figure it out. 


You don't need to create an additional account. You just add on +text to an existing email address when giving it out. Amy+text won't work because is not an existing email address.


I have a gmail account, also a yahoo account. Obviously the gmail is through google, that I often choose to use on my mobile phone. I do use my yahoo account more, I linked both to all my other devices. Play around with it Amy you will figure it out. Everyone does things different, depending on if you have a business or personal use do what works best for you. My Yahoo and Google accounts both have spam filters that empty after 30 days unless I empty them sooner.


True SAM. There's always multiple ways of doing anything like this. Some ways are more user-friendly than others and some people are more technically minded than others. For Amy I suggest the golden rule. Keep it simple. But typically people will do what works for them. I like keeping things easy.


Thank you, Sam and Blue.  I normally use the laptop to get my mail, but also look at it on my cell. Blue, the simple ways works best for me because I am not really very tech savvy.  I'm able to do most things with files, but I've only had several email accounts always with Gmail, because some others became compromised. I only found out today you have to log out of an email account to get to another (both using gmail).  Now for some reason, I am not switched over to my regular account. I am guessing I must log out of each account as I use them. Thanks again for the help. 


You're welcome.

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You have had some really good advice all the way down the line.  I would also suggest you create ANOTHER email account specifically for junk mail.  In other words, when  you are on line and want to get some information but you DON'T want to have to deal with a blizzard of junk mail from them thereafter, enter your new "junk mail" email address.  For example, when my sister in Connecticut wanted me to help her car shop, I created a "junk mail" address.  This wasn't it, but it certainly COULD have been:  The car dealers sent me a bunch of prices and after she completed the buying process, I went through all the dealerships that were sending mail to the address and clicked on "Unsubscribe."  Now I use it for all the incidental times I have to provide an email address just to get some info that I want but know I'll get junk mail from them afterwards.  SO... I just go visit that account once in a while to clear it out and "Unsubscribe" to all the places that send me the junk.

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Very good idea, Media. I am doing just that, to keep all junk mail in one file.  The junk mail I have in my regular account has too much junk to get rid of, it would take me several hours to have them delivered to a junk only box, so what I'm doing is as they come up, I immediately unsubscribe to it.

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Media touched on another solution. If the problem is purely junk. As the junk comes in create filters that automatically move the email based on the senders email address to a junk folder. You will then never see them and can check the junk folder if needed. This may take time but is normally the way it's done in business.

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