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Going to be adopting a corgi in about four weeks and it has kind of hit me that I haven’t taken care of a dog before. Ever.  I suppose it’ll be alright. My two kids are still alive. 

Advice and morale boosts are welcome. 

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6 Answers

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Barkbox Dog Toys & Treat Box is a great customized starter kit. Then each month you will get a customized box of themed toys and treats. Cancel at anytime. It's fun, and each month my dog knows it's his own special package. Yes! My dog is spoiled, lol. If interested check it out at the YETI Boomer bowl set is cool too.

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I'll look into this, thanks. 

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Buy some lessons with a dog trainer!! It will help you better understand how to interact and “communicate” with your dog, and the dog will get some guidance on what’s expected of him, which makes his life less complicated. 

Congratulations on the new addition to your family! Good luck. 

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Thank you. The training lessons sound like a great idea.  Probably for myself and the dog. I know the Petsmart here has classes but I'll look around and see what else is out there too. 

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How exciting!! Congrats on the incoming addition! 

While I haven't owned a dog yet, both of my parents adopted puppies when I was a teenager. I now own a cat and hope to adopt a dog in the near future. I feel like the process of bringing a new pet home is as much about your mindset and creating a balance of structure and flexibility as it is about the physical things you buy to create the space for your new pet. With that in mind, I strongly second justpassingthru's rec for training lessons.

Here are a few things that seemed pretty useful for my parents' puppies right off the bat:

- a dog kennel/crate

- dog bed

- food & water bowls (and, well, puppy food)

- pee pads

- baby/pet gates

- leash and harness

- a couple of toys that the breed will generally like, but I wouldn't go overboard with this before you meet your pup because its personality will help guide you towards the right kinds of toys and you don't want to end up with a bunch of toys that never get used

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Thank you, looks like I'll be filling up a Petsmart cart in the next few weeks. And I'll definitely check out some options for training classes. 

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Get a good pair of walking boots.

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I'm excited to have an excuse other than taking out the trash to get out of the house for a few minutes. 

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A Corgi! You need a Crown and a Purple Robe, I'm assuming you already have a throne.... 

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You kidding?  I've already got the crown and purple robe too!  I just needed the dog. 

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The crate is a good idea, although I have never used one.  Lol.  I have a friend that got one for her puppy.  He views it as his safe place.   The pet bed is absolutely a requirement.  Eventually two.  One in the crate, one in the room that you are in.  His private bed keeps him off of the furniture.  Or so the theory goes.  It depends on your and the dogs personality.  I am a push over.  My last dog slept on her own heated bed on my bed.  Yes, I let her.  She cuddled better than the wife, snored about the same.

That dog was a chewer.  She just chewed up squeeky toys.  She would rip the guts out, and chew that up too.she chewed up at least one dog bed.  The wife's current dog doesn't chew anything.  He likes to play tug of war, so a rope is good for him.  You will end up with a lot of stuff that he doesn't like, and the rest will be destroyed.  

Otherwise, dog food bowls, water bowls, maybe a blanket or large towel and a cleaner with odor control while this house and toilet thing gets sorted out.

Good luck.

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Thanks for the tips....the bathroom schooling is definitely what I'm looking least forward to. The rest I'm just playing by ear. Held off on buying new furniture until I see what this little guy is going to do, lol. 

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