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The 2014 announcement that Time Warner Cable and Comeast intended to merge prompted questions of monopoly because the combined company would supply cable access to an overwhelming majority of Americans. It also raised questions of monopsony since the combined company would be virtually the only purchaser of programming for broadcast shows. Assume the merger occurs: in each of the following, determine whether it is evidence of monopoly, monopsony, or neither. a. The monthly cable fee for consumers increases significantly more than the increase in the cost of producing and delivering programs over cable.

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OK.  Good question.  Now... Go  DO IT YOURSELF.  Come back if you get stumped; tell us where you've been and how far you've progressed.

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History is gonna change. We're sending you back to the future.

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Time Warner is now Spectrum! No significant increase in my bill.

The world hasn’t ended.

Now read your chapters covering this. Take notes in class.

Do your own homework. I did mine!

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