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closely determine what theme is being developed through the parts of the story (character, setting, conflict, sequence of events). Write a paragraph analysis that follows the Schaffer structure.

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2 Answers

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That's a good story.  It's short, too.  And it has a bonus of being easily understood by most readers who are above the age of 12.

I suggest that you (1) read the story (2) review (or learn) the Schaffer structure and (3) write your paper.

If that is tough to understand, ask your teacher or perhaps a fellow student who understands the Schaffer structure to assist you in planning, organizing, and writing your answer.  

We don't do assignments FOR students here.  We can only offer help to students who are willing to put forth effort on their own.

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The problem with getting someone else to do it is you won't be able to answer any questions about the finished product. Which is why you should do it yourself.

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